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The Doctor Will Slay You Now [One Piece 1078]

You no-good bikini bottom bastard!

A greedy, apathetic doctor who doesn’t care about anyone but themself? Impossible! Well, not today because we now know which Dr. Vegapunk is the traitor: York The Greedy. She wants to become a Celestial Dragon. Hmm… I guess that makes sense with her being “greedy” and all. Honesty, it doesn’t really matter who the traitor was, as long as it moves the story forward. Props to Oda for not dragging the mystery out too long. Just long enough for us to learn the truth along with OG Dr. Vegapunk.

I don’t think the mystery itself matters much anyway. It was simply a tool to breakup our heroic cast of characters and give reason to why the World Government’s now Vegapunk’s enemy. The real fun comes from what York has in store for everyone. What? You think her whole plan is just turning the Seraphim on her fellow Vegapunks? Nah! Her goal is to keep all the other Vegapunks on Egghead Island until the Navy shows up. Everything from the Seraphim, to shutting down the dome barrier, to kidnapping Vegapunk Stella is to ensure that happens. Did she secretly complete more Seraphim in case she needed them? Can she override the Mk. III Pacifistas? There’s so much bullsh*t York can throw at Team Luffy I’m excited to know what’s next.

York either wanted to become a Celestial Dragon or have her own show on the Disney Channel. The Elder Stars picked the lesser of two evils.
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I Shot The Shaka, But I Didn’t Shoot No Deputy [One Piece 1077]

Welcome to the part of the arc where folks start “dying”.

Ghostface shot Shaka! Well, maybe not Ghostface but someone blew his brains out. I wonder if he’s really dead? It’s possible granted we’ve got more than enough Vegapunks still alive. But wouldn’t it be strange for Shaka to get 360 no scoped without us knowing what his face looks like under the helmet? That one reason is why I’ll say he’s 99% dead, not 100%.

This sick headshot was sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew
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Everyone Hates All For One [My Hero Academia 382]

Here comes a new challenger! Gigantomachia!

That’s right. The ultimate bruiser is back! And working for the heroes, thanks to Shinso being in the driver’s seat. You can’t end My Hero Academia without Gigantomachia and this is a great way to bring the lunkhead into the fight.

So, is it enough? Are there enough heroes on the scene to keep All For One at bay until Eri’s Rewind erases his existence? Well…probably not. AFO’s younger and probably more powerful than ever. And even if he wasn’t, all he’d have to do is hit Gigantomachia with enough physical force to break Shinso’s brainwash quirk. Basically, it not over just yet. Especially, if someone offers AFO a gaming PC with Fortnite and their HBO Max password. That’d keep him busy.

Kirishima looking banged up. Poor guy fell off Gigantomachia twice.
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You Gotta Be Captain Kid’n Me [One Piece 1076]

Kid says the darndest things.

Captain Kid really thinks he can beat Red-Hair Shanks. Guess it makes sense given he’s fresh off his win against Big Mom. Shonen rules are in full effect. If Luffy gets stronger after every big fight, then so does Kid. Problem is if he and his Kid Pirates crew are strong enough to take down The Red-Haired Pirates AND the Giant Warrior Pirates, plus some other pirate crews loyal to Shanks. That’s one heck of a lop-sided battle. Makes me think something unexpected will happen. No way is this battle playing out in a straight-forward matter. Admirals? Blackbeard’s Titanic Captains who aren’t attacking Law? Rocks D. Xebec? Rihanna? There’s no telling who’s gonna show up at Elbaph!

Interesting tidbit about Benn Beckman cutting off Kid’s arm and not Shanks like I thought. Of course, Kid wouldn’t have been strong enough to even get to Shanks back then. I only wish it wasn’t Benn but the monkey, Monster, who stomped Kid back then. Oh, the disrespect that could’ve been.

Very cool panel until you learn they’re walking because their Uber’s late
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Project Shadow [My Hero Academia 381]

Dark Shadow punched the perm out of All For One!

It was a good setup. Rereading the chapter you see Tokoyami approaching Pixie-Bob at the beginning with panels of Pixie-Bob sprinkled throughout the chapter. Great story writing, Horikoshi. Here, have some fried chicken—Oh! Never mind.

I also love Shiketsu’s heroes joining the fight. All For One is a big bad. It’s gonna take an overwhelming force to stop him. But I do understand why the battle against the Overlord of Evil started with a select handful of heroes given his ability to steal quirks. Now, it’s a straight up brawl! Power VS Power. May the strongest win.

Dark Shadow didn’t appreciate All For One’s yo momma joke
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9,999 Easter Eggs You Missed Reading This Chapter [My Hero Academia 380]

Don’t you just love La Brava?

La Brava broadcasting Gentle’s heroics live over the internet. Now, the entire world of My Hero Academia will see how much a hero both her and Gentle are. Will they become legit heroes? I don’t see why not. Helping to defeat one of the biggest bads in history should do the trick. Besides, Japan is seriously low on heroes. The Hero Public Safety Commission needs to beg Gentle and La Brava to join their hero ranks. That or offer them a terrific healthcare plan.

Congratulations to the Business Course students for being useful for once. A shame Horikoshi boiled down their entire existence to blogging. There’s a lot hero business students could’ve added to the story such as learning exactly how a hero agency is made, getting the money to start an agency, marketing heroes to corporations for licensing, being a hero’s PR agent, etc. All that potential, gone.

And don’t forget to Detroit Smash that like button!
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Let’s Split Up, Gang! [One Piece 1075]

The Straw Hats have split up. You know what that means? Fight time!

Punk Records’ the main antagonist. Who else could it be? Doesn’t look like it’s Shaka. He looked genuinely confused by the situation. I’m starting to think ALL the Vegapunk Satellites are red herrings and it’s just Punk Records itself. Like I said the last chapter, I don’t see Oda passing up the chance of making an A.I. a major villain. And it’s now or never.

But why? If true, why is Punk Records rebelling? Probably something to do with being all brain and no heart. Classic evil A.I. trope. Or…maybe its self preservation? If Team Vegapunk leaves Egghead, Punk Records will get scraped by the World Government. But! If Ultron turns the traitorous Lou Vegaspunks over to the Navy, maybe it gets to live. Hmm…

Everyone thought York was kind, but in truth she’s a real hard ass.
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Marky Mk. III And The Punky Bunch [One Piece 1074]

Fifty Pacifista Mk. III MCs and not one DJ in sight.

Raise your hand if you think those Pacifistas will eventually fall under The Traitor’s control? …That many, huh? I’ve heard several theories from the One Piece community on who could be the traitor, but for now I’m going with there being at least two: A Vegapunk Satellite and Punk Records itself. An evil A.I. arc boss? How could Oda resist? As for which Vegapunk could be working for/with the A.I.… Shaka Khan The Good. He’s got important character written all over him. Either he stays the main VP Satellite helping the Straw Hats or he becomes an antagonist.

We learn everyone in the main lab is trapped inside the Frontier Dome. Yep, that’s more fuel to the theory the hidden antagonist(s) are keeping everyone else there for the Navy. I’m sensing a deal with Elder Star St. Saturn coming.

A bubble shield? Forget the Navy. The Vegapunks better watch out for Dr. Wily’s lawyers.
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Saint Sailor Saturn [One Piece 1073]

In the name of the moon, he will punish you!

Never thought I’d see one of the five Elder Stars outside of Marijoa. Makes sense given the world leaders are the only ones able to wrestle control of the Seraphim from Team Vegapunk. Yes, my friends, I think St. Jaygarcia Saturn will take back the Seraphim. That means Kizaru’s battleships will arrive at Egghead in time to confront the Straw Hats. Uh-oh!

Safe to say the other four Elder Stars have planet names too. …Luffy ate the SUN God Nika devil fruit. Elder STARS with PLANET names. Hmm… Could the secret ruler of the World Government, Im’s, real name be related to the moon? Or Earth? Or…whatever planet One Piece takes place on? Color me extremely interested in what develops from this.

He’s so famous, Ben & Jerry’s named an ice cream flavor after him

And what about Admiral Kizaru? Will he be the first admiral to lose against the Straw Hat Pirates, or will it end in a draw? One way or another, I don’t think this arc’s ending without Kizaru getting hurt, be it a punch, cut, or negative Instagram comment.

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Return Of The Ashy King [My Hero Academia 379]

He’s baaaack!

Goodbye, All For Shiggy. Hello, Tomura Shigaraki. As it should be. Just as Deku is All Might’s successor and main protagonist of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki, All For One’s successor, should be the story’s main antagonist. So what does that mean? Well, for Deku, it means he’s in deep dog shit. All For Shiggy wanted him alive at least long enough to steal One For All. Classic Shigaraki just wants him dead. Good luck with that, Deku.

Well, at least you have allies, Deku. Mirio, Lady Nagant and… Um… Let’s see… Gentle’s busy trying to keep U.A. in one piece. Bakugo’s out of commission. Hm, why do I have the feeling Bakugo’s gonna fight again? I don’t know how, but I won’t count everyone’s favorite toxic loud mouth out just yet.

Nose kisses, the only thing that can save Shigaraki