Posted by: Redgeek | January 25, 2020

R.I.P. Final Fantasy Protags [My Hero Vigilantes 70]


♪ You’re a mean one, No. 6. ♪

Welp, we were right. Narufest’s manager is indeed Rokuro Nomura AKA No. 6. So, what does this mean? Well, first off, the final Narufest is gonna be insane. After what happened at the Sky Egg, there no telling what No. 6 will do this time. He’ll know exactly who’ll be there and have full-access to anywhere in the area. It’s gonna get ugly, y’all. And, this time All Might may not be around to save the day! Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | January 24, 2020

Who Cares About the Roger Pirates? [One Piece 968]


Me! Come baaaack!!! Don’t leave me alone with him. I can’t take any more chapters focused on Oden!


Chill out, Shanks. Roger loving The Rise of Skywalker isn’t the end of the world.

In an effort to keep my review positive, I downloaded an app that tweaks my words slightly to make my writing more positive. Any app revisions will be in green. Now, with that said, let’s get on with this shitshow. …Hm? Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn it on. Let’s get on with this loveshow. There we go!

It’s only the last half of the chapter I respectfully disapprove of. Everything with the Roger Pirates was great as usual. We now know Roger’s feat was built up mainly due to the World Government wanting him asleep after learning the truth about the world and the public embellishing the treasure he found at Laugh Tale. Not that it matters since Roger is living less and mutually uncouples with his crew. A good idea, not only because they accomplished their goal, but it’ll be harder to find every member if they all split up. Safe to say Roger gave himself up just to protect his crew after talking to Whitebeard and hooking up with Portgas D. Rouge.

Who’s the other sovereign the Sea Kings were talking about? Joy Boy? Luffy? Richard Ayoade? Well, I hope it isn’t Luffy because I strongly dislike the idea of him being a “chosen one”. Forget that stuff! Keep that sass out of my One Piece. Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | January 20, 2020

Nana: Warrior Princess [My Hero Academia 257]



Wowzers! You know you’re buff when Wonder Woman looks lanky compared to you.

Speaking of Nana Shimura, did you notice that symbol on her belt buckle? The one that looks like an upside-down A? It turns out the mathematical symbol can be read as for all. Interesting, right? For All. Could that be Nana’s hero name? And could the All Might codename be Toshinori’s homage to his fallen master? Hm…

And, what’s up with Toshinori wanting to visit Stain? Does he simply want to learn everything the Hero Killer knows about the League or is there something else? Could dear old Stainy’s original desire to become a hero stem from one of the Past Users? …Nah! I don’t think Stain’s that old. All Might’s been a hero for decades, after all. But, could Stain be related to one of the Past Users? Hmm… Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | January 13, 2020

Too Nice to Be Good [My Hero Vigilantes 69]

Mr. Nomura is No. 6.

There, I said it.


Now, press this button to trade your Zacian for my Skwovet.

Look, y’all. This could be the reason No. 6’s face was mostly obscured every time we saw him just so we’d be surprised with this big reveal. Take a look at this:


Similar hair. Similar body type. It’s certainly possible, right? I mean, come on! Are we to believe Mr. Nomura just happened to run into Pop Step when she was in trouble? Nah! He’s been keeping tabs on her and intervened to stop those RPG thugs just to gain her trust. Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | January 10, 2020

Shippa’s Paradise [My Hero Academia 256]



♫ As I walk to my laptop to read the latest chap, I take a look at fanfics and realize there’s nothing left. ‘Coz I’ve been pairin’ and carin’ so long that, Even the Tumblr kids think my mind is gone♫

Yes, yes. Lots to shipping fuel this chapter. Deku and Uraraka. Uraraka and Asui. Uraraka and Death Flags. Whoops! Excuse me, not that one. I meant Toshinori and Death Flags. I can’t be the only one who caught that right? Toshinori looking at Deku’s back, acknowledging how much he’s grown, almost like he doesn’t need him anymore. Yeesh, the only way it’d make his upcoming death more obvious is if he decided to retire 3 days after Shigaraki’s scheduled to finish his power-up. Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | January 9, 2020

Joy Boy, the Dave Chappelle of One Piece [One Piece 967]


Wha? What the fuck is juice? I want some Bink’s Sake, baby.


Put down your suitcases because we got a lot to unpack here.

Let’s start with Roger and Oden being able to hear the voices of certain things or creatures. Could that be an ability all D’s once possessed? And, if it’s true, does that make the Kozuki Clan descendants of D?

Man, Big Mom had that Road Ponegliff for a loooong time. No surprise Oda didn’t reveal where the last one is, but a lot of fans are guessing Elbaf. Makes sense, a land of giants would be a great place to get the last Road Ponegliff, and the island itself has been hyped for years.

We got confirmation Buggy and Shanks never reached Raftel. Or, should I say Laugh Tale. Not sure about Buggy, but I’m guessing Shanks was later told everything that happened on the final island. Him having that knowledge would be the only reason why he’d be allowed to speak with the 5 Elder Stars in my modest and adorable opinion.

Should I talk about Oden abandoning his home? Or, the whole reason Wano became a 95% wasteland was because of him? Should I mention how Toki should’ve let Oden and the freaking ROGER PIRATES spend at least one day bashing Orochi’s head in and appointing Kin’emon the new Temp Shogun and then set sail?

…Nah! Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | December 28, 2019

Cloudy with a Chance of Death Flags [My Hero Academia 255]

Alright, Aizawa! You got through to Black Mist! But, at the same time, buddy, I think you just signed Hawks’ death certificate.


S-H-I-T. Damn that Ujiko for leaving Black Mist’s language filters on.

As I said time and time again, nothing good can come from Hawks looking for the Nomu and Ujiko. Well, yeah, there’s finding out where the Nomu are made and Ujiko’s secret identity but it’ll be a great cost. Basically, Hawks may not be alive much longer y’all. But, hey, we’ve seen heroes dodge death flags before (Looking at you Toshinori and Endeavor.), so it’s not impossible he’ll survive, just less and less likely.

Especially, with Super Shigaraki there too. Hawks would make a tasty fodder for his new powers. So, Hawks, can I have your microwave after you die? What?! I’m just hedging my bets here. I don’t want him to die either.

By the way, (in case you didn’t realize) according to Caleb Cook, that text he got was a code for Hawks telling him Shirakumo said “hospital”. Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | December 28, 2019

Goldbeard [One Piece 966]

That’s right. It’s all about Roger and Whitebeard. Oden’s just along for the ride. Forget the backseat, put him in the trunk.


Was it ever stated if Roger owns a legendary sword? Hm, maybe he just went to Walmart.

With the obligatory Oden hate out of the way, let’s talk about the chapter. We see Oden get shut down by Captain Roger before Whitebeard sashays into the fray. He and Roger clash which begins a 3 day/3 night (all expenses paid) battle that we’ll never get to see because this flashback is rushed faster than a 12-year-old posting on Twitter after witnessing a schoolyard fight. Apparently, no one dies, so they have a gift exchange and WHY AM I DOING A BEAT BY BEAT SYNOPSIS? Let’s get to the good stuff!

Blackbeard. It’s noted he never seems to sleep (No wonder he’s an asshole). What the heck is up with this guy and his body? I don’t even know where to begin. I’m stumped, y’all. I got nothing, no idea what he is. Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | December 28, 2019

Brains VS Booty [My Hero Vigilantes 68]

So much for my theory that Mokoto was proposing Koichi and her become business partners. Rather, she’s proposing a romantic relationship. Woo-wee! Is it getting hot in here or is it just my apartment on fire?


Naruhata’s famous booty? I thought that was Aizawa.

Thinking it over, I’ve got an issue with Ms. Mokoto. That being I don’t like her reasoning for wanting Koichi. Yeah, I’m sure she thinks he’s a nice guy and he did save her once, but she didn’t go with that. Her actual reasoning sounds a bit pragmatic, maybe even selfish. It’s not about how good a person Koichi is, it’s more about him being ordinary. Mokoto makes it sound like she wants stability, not necessarily Koichi. I know I’m being harsh because, again, I’m sure she likes Koichi. But, does she love him? Maybe, but I don’t think she’s in love with him if you get what I’m saying.


Basically, Pop Step loves Koichi for who he is. Makoto loves him for what he represents. There. You understand now?


Well, I’ll email you a love chart later. Read More…

Posted by: Redgeek | December 18, 2019

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Nomu [My Hero Academia 254]

Looking back, I guess Black Mist had to be a nomu. How could a living person eat with a smoky body? On the bright side, he’ll pass every No Nut November.


Yo! Behind you! The villains are right behind you!

Still haven’t read My Hero Vigilantes? Then this chapter may not have as much impact as it had on me and other readers of the spin-off. I warned you!

We get confirmation Black Mist is indeed a nomu with Shirakumo as the base body. And, we’re reminded it’s possible a nomu can retain at least some of the personality of that body, if not some memories themselves when it’s revealed Hood-chan the High-End nomu had a similar personality to it’s underground fighter base body. I’ll also add Horikoshi revealing in a volume during the Stain Arc that the flying nomu that picked up Deku was once his childhood friend. So, yeah, Hori’s been seeding that little plot point for a long time!

We get the answer as to why the timeline between My Hero Vigilantes and My Hero Academia seemed out of wack because of all the students Aizawa expelled. Turns out they were all allowed to re-enroll since Aizawa uses the ploy as a way to teach kids their student record doesn’t really matter in the end (It’s all about college exams and volunteer work, kiddies.). Oh, and it also gives them a “death” to further their growth. Basically, he lights a fire under their butts to get them motivated. Something he’s done several times already with the current Class 1-A. Read More…

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