Posted by: Redgeek | July 13, 2020

Yamato Is A… [One Piece 984]

Kozuki Oden fanboy?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

*cries* Why? Why can’t I escape you, Oden? You over-hyped, annoying, woman kidnapping piece of mumble rap! Even in death you haunt me. It’s like I’m Shogun Orochi but without the buck teeth and money. Who cares about that stupid ass Oden Journal? Sure, it may have a clue or two about where to find Laugh Tale and some juicy info about the Void Century but is it worth having to give Oden credit for giving us this information? Damn, it! I’ll be right back…

…Sorry, had to go get more wine.

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Posted by: Redgeek | July 12, 2020

Doctor…? Who…? [My Hero Academia 277]

Shigaraki. Shigaraki. Shigaraki.

You really are the ultimate thief.

No one’s leaves Gunga Villa without putting on a mask first.

First, you stole Stain’s fans. Then, Overhaul’s research. Then, Re-Destro’s army. And, now, you have AFO’s dream. His dream of taking the elusive One For All quirk for himself.

It’s a great plan, if my theory is right. All For One (the guy) is obsessed with OFA but his body is trashed so why not transfer a piece of your consciousness/aura/soul/whatever to your apprentice like how the OFA Users do before they die? It really is brilliant. It explains why he gave Shigaraki the original AFO quirk in the first place. He didn’t do it to be nice, he did it because his aura came with the package. He’d override Shiggy’s thoughts with his own and have a brand spanking new super body that can fend off Quirk Singularity along with his original quirk and OFA. I get it. I finally get it. It all makes sense if that’s what All For One is going for.

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Posted by: Redgeek | July 11, 2020

Flight Watch 2020 [My Hero Vigilantes 81]

Koichi mastering Slide & Glide or Deku unlocking Nana Shimura’s Float Quirk? Who will be the first to master flying?

Koichi looks so coo— Bee Pop? WTF?! Queen Pop sounds much better!

Bee Pop’s ultimate goal is revenge. If she can’t have Koichi she’ll kill herself and be forever bound to him through regret. Regret he couldn’t save her. Save his friend. And, that’s what Koichi and Pop are. Friends.

I admit I never really noticed how close they became as simply friends. They hang out together, Koichi supports Pop’s singing career while Pop supports Koichi’s vigilante hobby. They’ve grow closer and closer as a true team. No, they’re not simply friends. They are BEST friends. And, most people will tell you their soul mate is their best friend.

Koichi doesn’t have to save Pop because he’s in love with her, but that they’re the truest of friends. He’s giving everything he’s got to save Pop. No speeches. No threats. Just trying to reach her, screaming her name. It’s no wonder Bee Pop was affected by his tenacity. How couldn’t she be?! The man she thought didn’t love her is risking his life for her. Glad she was able to break free from Queen Bee’s influence.

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Posted by: Redgeek | July 4, 2020

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work [My Hero Academia 276]

Guess what? There’s more fighting!

Eri’s horn’s small again. Did Aizawa teach her to control her quirk? Or, did she accidentally erase Shinso from existence? Whoops!

Yep. Shigaraki is a tough nut to crack and his Near High-Ends aren’t exactly making it any easier. So, we have the B-heroes busy fighting the Nigh Ends (got that term from someone online) and the rest of the heroes not fighting Shiggy are protecting the evacuees. Protecting, you ask? Yeah, Shigaraki basically ordered Gigantomachia to kill everything in his path and I doubt he’s going after squirrels and gerbils. Hm, do people keep gerbils as pets in Japan? Never mind, you get my point: There’s no backup coming. Or, at least, not much.

If Ujiko purposefully made Shigaraki weaker than All Might to preserve his brain, then what’s at 75%? It’s driving me crazy, y’all! What the hell is Shiggy’s weakness? Using too many quirks? A limit on regeneration? K-pop? I need to know!

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Posted by: Redgeek | July 4, 2020

R.I.P Compass Kid (2XXX-2XXX) [My Hero Vigilantes 80]

Thank you all for coming under such terrible circumstances.

How No. 6 passed the Hero License Exam.

As you all know, our dear friend, Compass Kid is no longer with us. He was found blown to pieces in the alley of an antique rocking horse store. The irony being he absolutely hated horses. Don’t know why, he only talked about it when drunk and always passed out before finishing the story.

Many of us knew his end was near, that his bright chubby life was destined to fade once partnered with Rock AKA No. 6. But, our pain doesn’t hurt less because of it. In fact, it hurts more my friends because No. 6 blew his ass UP! Daaaaamn!

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Posted by: Redgeek | July 4, 2020

odiak eht nioj [One Piece 983]

Zoro will never join you. Unless the mention the permanent open bar in the break room.

Perospero made it to Wano! Yay? Doesn’t look like he brought the rest of the fam though. Social distancing in full effect, I guess.

Sanji’s looking for prostitutes. Does he even have money? Maybe the other Vinsmokes stuck a re-loadable debit card in his raid suit. Pleasure Hall, ha! Call it for what it is, Oda. There’s nothing wrong with being in the sex industry as long as it’s what everyone involved desires. And, you can promote safe sex by have Sanji running around holding condoms. Unless, his raid suit comes with a built in helmet. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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Posted by: Redgeek | June 20, 2020

White (Haired) Men Can’t Jump [My Hero Academia 275]

Where’s Wesley Snipes when you need him?

Silly me. Until Shigaraki appeared before Deku & Bakugo I actually thought those two young heroes stood a chance. Pack your bags, Deku. Japan isn’t big enough for you and Shiggy anymore.

Of course, that depends on whether the heroes can beat Super Shigaraki and we all know that’s not happening. Unless Shiggy dies this arc, I have a feeling Gran Torino will do what he did to a young All Might and ship Deku’s 30% butt to America until it’s safe to come back. Naturally, Torino’s plan won’t work but It’d be nice seeing Deku in the US for awhile, meeting his father (Yeah, I think his dad’s in America) and Captain Celebrity. Bakugo will no doubt join him if he does leave the country because it’s Bakugo. OOOOH! There’s just so many options Horikoshi can go with at the moment. Not only with how this arc will end, but how these events will impact future arcs. I’m so excited, y’all!

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Posted by: Redgeek | June 17, 2020

Dr. Evil Orochi [One Piece 982]

Why not just kill Momonosuke now? Turn into a hydra and eat him or something. No? Gonna give the good guys a chance to save him? Okay then…

Someone hit a growth spurt on their way to Orochi! If he was wearing a 50’s leather jacket and sunglasses I’d swear he was a Number.

Kaido wants in on Laugh Tale. Did we know that already? Doesn’t matter, we do now. No, it does matter. Kaido might have a Road Poneglyph on Onigashima. Ooooh, nice!

Sasaki sucks. Moving on.

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Posted by: Redgeek | June 14, 2020

A Number Two Attitude [My Hero Vigilantes 79]

Can you say battle royale? Good. Can you also say fu*cking fire tornado? Hot damn, Endeavor! How many fire moves do you have?

D-did we just get a low-key reveal of one of the most powerful rescue quirks in the My Hero Universe? Dude, why the hell are you a Z-Lister?!

Classic Endeavor is being Classic Endeavor, an abrasive hero not afraid to get the job done. What a jerk! How dare he get his sidekicks to clear the area before using a powerful long range attack! And, the nerve of him treating a high-scale villain attack seriously! It’s almost like he’s the number two hero and that comes with a level of professionalism or something. The asshole.

Basically, what I’m saying is Endeavor’s a jerk, but he’s still a Pro Hero. He WILL get the job done, just don’t expect him to do it with a smile on his face and without the villain getting beat up. That’s usually tolerable but as you know dear readers, Endeavor isn’t going after villains. One is a victim of body and mind manipulation and the other is a well-meaning citizen.

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Posted by: Redgeek | June 12, 2020

All T All Shade [One Piece 981]

Why can’t I shake the feeling I just want this arc over with?

Forget YouTube Reactor, everyone now wants to be a DJ .

Sure, the Wano Arc has gone on for awhile with little signs of ending anytime soon. Yeah, yeah, we’re past the halfway mark with just the battle against Kaido and Orochi’s forces left but there’s sooooo much build-up it’s giving me fight fatigue before the actual battles! To make things worse I don’t care about most of the enemies our good guys will be facing. Okay, Queen, King, Apoo and Kaido are interesting. Hawkings too. But, the rest? Jack? The Tobi Roppo? The Numbers? I just don’t give a damn about them.

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