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Gentle and La Brava, The Perfect Tragedy (MHA)


La Brava and Gentle. Gentle and La Brava. My Hero Academia’s villainous power couple. This week’s chapter we saw the two’s detailed plan for infiltrating UA Academy. They look so happy together.

…Gentle’s gonna die, isn’t he?

First thing’s first, their plan will probably go in the crapper because they explained it and you NEVER explain your plan in detail first. RIP Plan. I’d say there’s a good chance our Dynamic Duo will run into Momo or some other student from UA at the tea shop. Well, I’m sure they’ll figure something out and make it to the academy, albeit with more setbacks than first thought.

There’s a bigger issue concerning Gentle and La Brava. Chances are one or both of them is getting captured at the end of the arc. I just don’t see him escaping the academy.  At this point, I’m unsure if Gentle himself planned an escape. Attacking a superhero school is basically villain suicide, Gentle must know that. So why? Read More…



You know what? I miss Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears. I rarely think of it but I enjoyed watching it centuries ago.

DAGB tells the story of a small band of talking bears living in a forest believed to be nothing but legends. They meet a human boy, named Cavin who changes their lives forever.

After re-watching the first episode I realized the show aged well. I think I know why. DAGB is treated like an animated fairytale. It takes place in a medieval world comprising of Ogres, wizards, monsters, etc. And, it has a timeless feel. It’s not bogged down by pop culture references or 4th wall breaking. Good, well-written storytelling is all you need and DAGB delivers.

I’m a fan of kids show not talking down to their audience and I never felt that watching DAGB. Again, well-written, and we even get character development and overall story arcs. I love any episode having to do with Great Gummi magic or technology, makes the world feel lived in. Read More…


It’s over, and I’m sad…Star Wars Rebels wasn’t better.

Rebels wasn’t the worst show ever, but being set in the Star Wars universe I had high expectations that weren’t met. The overall story was good. Season premieres and finales were nice and there were good episodes scattered in-between. But, so much of Star Wars Rebels felt mediocre. I watched because it was a Star Wars show more than anything else. That said, I’m glad I watched it but I’ll never watch the entire series again, just YouTube clips of favorite scenes.

Now, about that finale.

Honestly, wasn’t expecting much. My main reason watching was seeing how they wrap up Erza and Thrawn, two characters, by continuity standards, shouldn’t play an active role in the original trilogy. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a good solution, taking them off the board (and out the galaxy) until after the Battle of Endor. From there, Disney is free to go nuts with the two and Ahsoka, another fan favorite too popular to die on a kid’s show.

Sabine spent all or most her time protecting Lothal, I’m cool with that

We knew Hera and Chopper were surviving, thanks to Rogue One and Forces of Destiny, passed Battle of Endor. No problems there. Oh? Hera’s got a kid and Kanan’s the father, how sweet.

What the hell, show!

No, you don’t. No. You. Do. Not! Read More…

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My Hero Academia, The Darkest Timeline?


Kohei Hirokoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, loves superheroes. So, it’s no surprise he used the X-Men as a template for his superhero series. Swap mutant power with quirk, Prof. X’s school with UA. My Hero Academia is manga X-Men, big surprise, right? No? Okay, how about this:

My Hero Academia is a bad future.

Yep. We’re watching the events of a world gone to hell. Let’s start with what we know. Quirks first developed in MHA’s universe during our present. Quirk users were the minority and “normal” people hated and feared them. Sounds familiar, right?

Generations have passed since and it’s said the advent of quirks stunted technological advancement, which is why technology in the that universe seems mostly like ours with the exception of robots and other things. But was it simply the world getting used to quirks? I don’t think so. Knowing human nature, I believe “normal” humans fought quirk users in the past. That’s right, My Hero Academia takes place in an X-Men world where Magneto won!

People discriminated against quirk users but over time they accepted them with open arms.

Yeah, right. Here’s a more realistic version: Read More…

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Basic Bitch No More (MHA)


Congratulations, Eri! You’re officially no longer a basic bitch.


One manga pet-peeve of mine is little girls wearing basic dresses. Like, totally basic. Pillow case basic. It’s so lazy. Hey, mangaka? You can’t go to one clothing store website and research girls fashion?
What’s even worse are girls wearing pink frilly monstrosities littered with hearts. Every girl doesn’t have to dress like Card Captor Sakura. Are jeans too hard to draw? Eri’s new outfit is great. Not overly frilly or covered with hearts. It’s simple, not basic.  Certainly not… Read More…

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Hipster Hotline: Chichi Kogusa


Here’s a good one you probably never heard of. Chichi Kogusa hits you in the heart but thankfully doesn’t get melodramatic.

Chichi Kogusa is the story of Torakichi, a traveling medicine seller forced to take care for his young son, Shirou, after his wife dies.

First things first, the art is good. Really good! It’s not hyper realistic or anything like that but it’s well drawn and expressive and…cute. It fits the tone of the story perfectly. I can’t get over how much I love the art.

Back to the story, Chichi Kogusa deals with the struggle of a working father connecting with a son he barely got to know due to his job. We see father and son slowly grow closer while both still dealing with the lost of their wife and mother respectively. An emotional tale but hopeful at the same time. Read More…

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Hipster Hotline: Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro



When you think shonen, what comes to mind? Young protagonist. Spiky hair. Loud. Fighter.  Training to be the best. A female love interest?

Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro doesn’t have any of that. Well, it has bits of certain parts but not how you expect.

Neuro Nōgami is a powerful demon who feeds on mysteries. After solving all Demon World’s mysteries, he goes to Earth, a blue and green KFC full of mysteries waiting to be found, solved, and consumed. It’s basically, Supernatural Detective Conan but funnier and had an ending we’ll live long enough to read.

Neuro, wanting to keep a low profile, offers a high school girl, Yako Katsuragi, an offer to solve her father’s murder in exchange of being the “leader” of his detective agency. Their relationship is the cornerstone of the series. Completely messed up but eventually the two develop a mutual respect for each other. Let me say, Yako is one of my favorite female shonen characters. She’s not there to be a love interest or sex symbol. She’s her own funny, developed character who could’ve easily been a boy if the mangaka desired. This is as much her story as Neuro’s.  Read More…

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2D News: Disney Buys Weekly Shōnen Jump

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Welcome Everyone To Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Disney’s interest in a potential My Hero Academia/Marvel Superheroes crossover resulted in a deal buying both Weekly Shōnen Jump and Weekly Young Jump magazines from Shueisha Inc. for 17 billion dollars. Insiders call it Disney’s first step in assuring the superhero craze remains popular on every continent on Earth in the foreseeable future. Read More…

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Meet the Geek: Inagaki Riichiro (Dr. Stone)


Welcome. I recently sat down with Dr. Stone author, Inagaki Riichiro, to discuss certain developments in the popular science manga.


Thank you for sitting with me today, Inagaki-sensei.
A pleasure.

Let’s dive into it. Incest. Your manga did not shy away inferring the village Senku visits was created solely due to incest.
Yes. I felt it is the logical conclusion of this particular situation.

Well, at least Senku’s not related to them. Does that mean Senku will end up marrying someone from the village? Kohaku, maybe?
Who knows? *laughs*

Why didn’t the astronauts implement a system where each male/female couple had a child to spread out the gene pool?
Fun. If you can’t have fun after the apocalypse, what’s the point in living? Read More…

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Buy Eri a Nintendo Switch (My Hero Academia 170)


Fastest way to make a child smile. Well, there’s family/friendly affection but in the age of technology its all about materialism. Yay?

Anyway, what I really want to discuss is what Aizawa said. “They” are trying to find a home for Eri. And I think we all know where this is going.
….No, not an orphanage.
…………..Nope. Not living with Aizawa, but getting warmer.
………………….What? The Thousand Sunny? You know what, I’ll just say it.

Eri’s moving into UA’s dorm. Read More…

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