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Evil Twice Incoming? [My Hero Academia 228]

Just when I thought it was safe to hypothesize about a Dabi flashback, we shift gears to focus on Twice instead. Even better!


Dr. Wily’s loss is the Meta Liberation Army’s gain

But, first, let’s talk Dabi and Parka Guy. Horikoshi isn’t skimping on the art. Everything from Dabi’s design to the Parka’s ice dragon, to the fire and ice double page spread looks great. Parka can move and mold ice in seemingly anyway he wants, even floating in the air on it. Interesting how he mentioned Redestro supporting him in his quest to train his quirk. Something tells me Mr. Freeze isn’t the only guy Redestro’s been helping out.

It may seem like a no brainer Dabi wins but ice is tougher than most people give credit for, plus Snow Meiser has move maneuverability and can mold ice constructs. That’s more than enough to keep Dabi on the ropes. Read More…

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World’s Worst Bitchslap [My Hero Academia 227]

Toga don’t die! But, if you do, can I have your knives? They look expensive.


Must’ve been some good ass pancakes.

How in the world will Toga survive for over an hour in her condition? Well, if Mr. Compress finds her he can transform her into a ball until Ujiko works his healing/mad scientist magic and fix her up. Or, maybe Spinner has a healing quirk. Either way, things aren’t looking good for our favorite bloodsucker.

You know, I forgot the League of Villains are trying NOT to kill the Meta Liberation Army so they can use them against Gigantomachia. Guess that explains why half the town isn’t on fire.

Shigaraki has a flashback, Yall! It’s short but we get lots of info, one being his sister’s name, Hana. Another is the implication Shiggy wanted to be a hero before losing his family. That could be why Hana showed him Nana’s picture, she’s trying to cheer him up after being scolded by his father. Yes, the very same father that was put up for adoption by Nana after her husband died in order to protect him. Sure, I bet Dad understands why she did it, but she never would have in the first place if Nana wasn’t a hero. No wonder he doesn’t want Shiggy becoming one. Well, you got your wish, Dad. Congratulations? Read More…

What an emotional roller coaster! Been a while since a character died in One Piece I was genuinely sad about. And, it happened in the present. With NO ambiguity! Bravo, Oda.


Damn you Orochi for cutting Wano’s retirement budget!

Tonoyasu AKA Daimyo Yasuie Shimotsuki has truly kicked off the beginning of the end for Shogun Orochi. Safe to say he let himself get captured all so he could fix the Alliance’s plan and cause massive damage Orochi. Off the top of my head, this is what Tonoyasu did:

-Made Orochi look like a paranoid idiot.

-Guaranteed the Wano alliance recruits will be released.

-Gave them a new gathering spot.

-Reminded all of Wano what a piece of garbage Orochi is, bringing most or all on the Alliance’s side.

-Shutenmaru is closer to fighting alongside to Alliance.

-Died in front of his daughter. Read More…

So… Himiko Toga. Start her theme song and let’s chat about her a bit, shall we?


How could you, Toga? That straw’s not biodegradable!

No, let’s start with Toga’s shitty parents. We still don’t know whether or not Toga’s Transform quirk is hereditary or a new quirk not yet seen in her family. Doesn’t matter in the long run, but still, why couldn’t they treat her better? The answer: Because it wasn’t about Toga’s quirk. It’s about them. They weren’t trying to understand their daughter and her blood urges due to her quirk. It was all about keeping up appearances. Be the average girl, live an average life, think average thoughts. They didn’t help Toga because they didn’t want to help her, they wanted to “fix” her. And, look how that turned out. Yeah, it’s implied she had Quirk Counseling, but, as we can see, that doesn’t always work. Supportive parents could’ve been the missing piece Toga needed to live a genuinely happy life without suffocating her personality. Now, does this mean Quirk Counseling is garbage and the Meta Liberation Army is right? Not necessarily. Sure, it’s not perfect, but the whole process needs to be reexamined and changed to better help more people. If not, there needs to be an alternate. Basically, don’t ignore the problem and actively try to fix it. Read More…

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Double Your Funeral, Double the Fun [One Piece 941]

I feel a lot has happened, but at the same time, it didn’t.


Yasu the Hedgehog? Eh, I like him, but I’m not looking forward to his movie. The CG looks terrible. But, hey, Jim Carrey as Kaido should be fun.

Let’s talk about the biggest revelation this chapter, Tonoyasu is Lord Yasuie, an old ally of Oden Kozuki. So, he’s not Denjiro. Hm. Where the hell is Denjiro? Anyway, Tonoyasu is also Ushimitsu Kozo AKA the Robin Hood of Wano so now the citizens are double upset over his capture and Komurasaki’s death. Things aren’t looking too good for Tonoyasu. Is he really dying? Sure, it’s possible. If Oda wants to make him a martyr, then yeah. On the other hand, Zoro and Brook are heading to the Flower Capital and Law’s already there so whether Tonoyasu’s saved or not, there’s a fight a-brewing.

Shutenmaru’s on his own journey to Bakura Town to payback Holdem for setting fire to his territory. Another potential battle hotspot is cooking. Especially, if Kin’emon and Dogstorm are headed there to try recruiting him again. Read More…

I need more. No, not more Brad Pitt. More information on the Meta Liberation Army.


Ladies & Gentlemen, the coolest character in My Hero Academia: Alligator Guy!

For example, how “free” do they want people to be able to use their quirks? Are we talking using quirks in public in everyday life or are we talking no limit shoot blast kaboom chaos? It’s not clear what restrictions, if any, the Liberation Army wants. As I said in past reviews, most folks these days would probably support legal quirk use in public as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else. So, why revive the cause as an army again? My guess is blind faith in the original Destro’s ideals.

Think about it, generations ago, mysterious quirks are popping up all around the world out of nowhere, the number of people with them growing more every day. I think the Japanese government wanted civil order and they wanted it immediately. That’s where the no quirks in public law came from, in my opinion. But, thinking about it from that perspective makes that law obsolete today. Civil order has long since been reestablished. We now have heroes and quirk usage is normal in today’s society. Japan can handle more relaxed quirk laws. That’s what’s so frustrating about the Liberation Army. If they’d just abandon Destro’s militant ways and forge ahead using public opinion, propaganda, and lobbying as their weapons they could change the laws legally! Their extremist ideas are killing their cause and all because Destro’s descendant wants to do things the old fashioned way. It’s a shame, and I hope there’s someone in the organization who realizes this method of violence won’t get them anywhere. Read More…

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Tonoyasu is Denjiro? [One Piece 940]

So, everyone just let Law go to save his crew alone. Jerks.


Look, you can’t expect them to remember everyone from Chess Club.

Oda gave us one of the most real moments in One Piece history: forgetting an old acquaintance. Solid. So, who is Tonoyasu? My guess he’s the last samurai the Alliance is looking for, Denjiro. He’s basically hiding in plain sight. Maybe he used a ninja art to hide his true appearance or used his devil fruit power if he has one. This also explains why Komurasaki and Toko are so close, seeing as their fathers were friends.

Ah, yes. Oda continues cleaning up Komurasaki’s shitty old behavior by making the guys who lost everything total sleezebags. I’m fine with it. We already knew one of them sold their family for money so it makes sense.


Now, this reminds me of when I was in the school choir. Rehearsals were brutal.

Oh, Caribou. Stick that quarter up your butt now because you’re playing yourself. And, nice twist on the labor camps being full of those hating Orochi and Kaidou’s guts. Yep. Instead of escaping, Luffy and friends (plus Chopper’s team) are going turn Udon into a battlefield. Guess this is where we’re getting our big fights and where we’ll close out Wano Part Two. Whether it’s Luffy or Big Mom or Kawamatsu, Queen is getting his ass handed to him before the prison arc ends. Read More…

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Evil Portland, Oregon [My Hero Academia 224]

A city full of hipster extremists. Yep, Deika City is Portland but evil. This is what happens when coffee shops stop selling Peppermint Mochas.


OMG! Twice is Ryan Reynolds!

I love Twice. What a bro! The League of Villians is his family and he’s very protective of them. Makes me sad knowing there’s a chance Spinner might abandon them for the Liberation Army.

Shigaraki has a plan, Y’all! First, the entire League walks right into the Liberation Army’s trap. Stay with me, here. BUT, Gigantomachia will follow Shigaraki to Deika City and continue trying to kill him. Wait. Wait. Wait! Here’s the kicker: Giganto, the loose cannon that he is, will fight everyone, League and LA alike, widdling down his energy until Shiggy is finally able to take him down. There. A perfect plan. And, all Shiggy has to do is survive for over an hour inside enemy territory, and then have the energy to outrun and defeat Gigantomachia. Simple, right?

Well, we got confirmation Slide N’ Go is part of the Liberation Army. No shocker there. I’m still waiting on Aizawa’s old classmate to show. I wonder if he’s the Liberation guy in the coat?

Read More…

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Busoshoku Beyonce [One Piece 939]

Ah! So that’s why Luffy wants to learn that haki hand attack. No, he doesn’t want to beat Kaidou, he wants to sell out stadiums.



Okay. Okay. I admit Komurasaki’s reasons for taking a risk in telling Zoro her secret made sense. The Kozuki prophecy is coming and Zoro, being a foreigner, could mean he’s there as an ally. If not, then he’d be one of Kaidou’s goons, right? So, yeah. You get props Komurasaki. Good call.

Who the heck is Kikunojo? Could it be Tonoyasu in disguise? I wouldn’t be surprised. Well, at least Zoro’s getting healed so he’ll go into his next fight at 100%, maybe.

Fukurokuju and Kaidou’s forces are rounding up more and more Kozuki allies. Yep, they’re all being kept in one place together along with Bepo and the rest of the captured Heart Pirates. Would be pretty cool if Law and a Strawhat member or two freed them all. But, I’m sure there’s no way that’s happening. *goes on Law/Franky/Usopp team up watch* Read More…

Move over Alex Brooker, there’s a new disabled star on the rise. And, his name is Giran.


Giran taking his non-disclosure agreement as seriously as his no refunds policy.

We’re back to the present, Y’all! Shigaraki and friends are still trying to jump Gigantomachia into the gang. It ain’t working. Turns out a guy tough enough to handle multiple quirks and be All For One’s bodyguard is pretty damn strong. Well, Giganto is naked, they should try whacking him in the junk. That’ll force anyone to submit.

Spinner’s sticking around but still has his doubts. But, where could a guy who was mistreated because of his mutant quirk go to join with like-minded people who desire quirk acceptance and usage for all? Hm? No time thinking about that, Twice’s ass is ringing! It’s the Monarch, or, I should say, Redestro, the Supreme Commander of the Meta Liberation Army/President and CEO of Detnerat. Read More…

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