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Angsty Aizawa [My Hero Vigilantes 59]

Whoa! I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed what would happen in this chapter. And, some people say Vigilantes isn’t canon. Yeah, right.


The Little Red Riding Hood reboot looks good.

Character. Character. Character. This is what My Hero Vigilantes excels at. It’s not about the punching punches, it’s about who these people are. See, this chapter, and probably the next one too, is all about Aizawa. Midnight is already a teacher at U.A. and Present Mic will start teaching next semester. She calls wanting to get Aizawa on board too but he’s not having it. So…Midnight claims Aizawa’s been avoiding something? Is he worried he’s not a popular enough hero to teach kids? Or, could it be a who that’s he’s avoiding? Ms. Joke’s a teacher. Could she be the one he’s avoiding? Maybe, she’s the one who’ll finally convince Aizawa to start teaching?

After a run-in with a small-time baddie, Aizawa and Koichi talk about the responsibility of taking care of an abandoned kitten and we hit…a flashback! Read More…


Pop in those earbuds and hit play, because it’s time for another 100% stressful chapter of My Hero Academia.


This is how you werk the runway.

Picking up where we last left off after Shigaraki remembered everything and made the mental limits on his power as thing of the past, he continues his face-off against Re-Destro. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the full-powered Tomura Shigaraki!

But, Re-Destro’s having none of it and attacks. Now, keep in mind this is a Shigaraki bordering on the edge of collapse. He’s be fighting almost non-stop against Gigantomachia for weeks and has spent today fighting Meta Liberation Army goons and their powerful boss. Everything we’re seeing now is only a taste of what’s to come from Shigaraki in the future after a good night’s rest and a new pair of socks.

Anyway, Re-Destro tries hitting Shigaraki with a 100% Stress Bomb. It destroys everything around the two, missing Shigaraki because he destroyed it before it could affect him. Yikes! That basically confirms dear ole Shiggy can destroy energy attacks, meaning Deku’s Black Whip will be useless if he tries attacking the LoV leader directly with it. So, um, where are the Deku’s Overpowered complainers now? Read More…

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Reuniting with Your Ex [One Piece 951]

Sure, it’s possible Big Mom and Kaido were just friends or frenemies but this is Oda’s One Piece we’re talking about. After seeing how attractive Big Mom was in the past and her having baby daddies all over the universe, you can’t tell me she didn’t hook up with someone in her old crew.


So, she went from chubby kid to skinny twenty-something to back to chubby. See? That’s what happens when you kill your personal trainer.

Let’s back it up for now and— You know what? Let’s not! Why do I have to talk about a chapter in order? It’s not like I haven’t gone out of sequence before. Okay, then, Big Mom and Kaido. They do the whole split heavens apart thing Shanks and Whitebeard did when they first met. As you may know, this only happens when two mega level fighters clash. Will Luffy and Kaido have a clash like that or will Oda save it for when he meets Blackbeard? Hm. I’d say Blackbeard.

We learn Lead Performer/All-Star King is part of a rare race. Double hm. Big Mom said there were three races not part of her kingdom. I know the Giants are one. Triple hm. Well, I got nothing. No, wait! King’s got wings. Wow, I can’t believe I forgot about the Skypieans. Yep, that’s got to be it, I think. Or, maybe it’s a bird race. In any case, King’s not interested in joining Team Mom.

Napoleon is shy. That’s why he was dormant when Big Mom lost her memory. Moving on. Read More…

The point of no return has been hit. There was a chance Tenko could’ve gone down the right path. A chance he could recover from his trauma in a healthy way and go on to be a productive member of society.

But, not on All For One’s watch.


Could All For One also have had white hair and red eyes? Maybe he was one of the first mutant quirk users.

People can be crappy. Yep, as mentioned by Shigaraki before, no one tried to help him in his time of need. Like seriously, there’s an f-ed up looking kid walking around by himself and no one called the police? Damn. Well, that was society’s last chance to prevent Tomura Shigarki’s birth, and they failed.

All For One makes it very clear how he wants Tenko to think. That’s what’s so insidious about him. It’s complete manipulation on his part in turning Tenko into Shigaraki, but it’s in a similar way to a parent teaching their child. But, instead of teaching your kid to be a good person, you tell him “Nah, screw the rules. Do whatever you want.” And, what happens when you tell a child who holds onto anger and sadness and murderous intent like it was a new toy to do what they want? Dead street punks. Specifically, the kind who earlier beats up Tenko. Why do I have the feeling All For One was watching Tenko kill his family the same way he watched him kill those punks? What a jerk! Read More…

I can imagine Oda with a notebook checking off things he had to show to keep the plot moving while drawing this chapter, making sure he hits all the beats so his audience doesn’t get confused later.


Why don’t you just build a hulkbuster armor suit around yourself to fight Kaido?

There’s a lot of small stuff happening this chapter. The first being the Firetank Pirates going off to find Chiffon’s twin sister, Lola. That’s should be fun. Can we focus on that instead? No? Okay, moving on.

We find out Luffy offered Kid a chance to join his alliance but Kid isn’t having it. He tried that once and ended up worse for it. I wonder if we’ll ever get a flash black about what immediately happened after Kaido met Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo. Anyway, Kid and Killer leave to find the rest of their crew. Looks like if Kid’s gonna fight Kaido, he’s doing it his way.

While Team Luffy tries convincing the recently freed prisoners teaming up a pirate to beat another pirate makes sense, Kawamatsu decides to leave. He’s got business somewhere else. Maybe he has to go to the bathroom. See? That’s why he wasn’t covered in his own feces and piss being locked in that prison for years. He’s been holding it in. Hey! If Portgas D. Rouge can stay pregnant threw sheer willpower, why not this? Read More…

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Season Two Finale [My Hero Vigilantes 58]

Welp, goodbye Captain Celebrity and…Makoto?


Never change, Pamela.

That’s right, Captain Celebrity has gone back to America and Makoto’s joining him, staying as his manager while going to school in freaking Avengers Tower. No, I’m not joking.

Guess I should back things up a little. In Captain Celebrity’s hospital room, the main cast (minus Knuckleduster) is hanging out and talking about the Sky Egg incident. Koichi, being a vigilante, won’t be getting any official thanks for his part in helping to stop the attack which is fine by Koichi. He got his All Might hoodie signed, after all!

Things take an interesting turn when we find out Aizawa has told Detective Tsuguchi about Koichi. Now, at first, I was bothered, thinking how could Aizawa throw Koichi under the bus like that. But, I’m starting to realize it was for the best. Koichi’s notoriety will only grow after this and he needs someone in the police looking out for him. And with Makoto gone, it’s up to her brother to watch Koichi’s back. This would be troubling if not for Tsuguchi being grateful for Koichi’s help in the Sky Egg incident, especially since it means he helped save his sister. Still, it’s gonna be interesting when the two actually meet. Read More…

♫That boy was poisoned.♫


Chopper sounds cool until you realize he says that every time he plays Dr. Mario.

We continue right where we left off last chapter. Team Luffy, smack dab in Udon’s prison camp, fighting the guards and broken spirit prisoners. Man, those plague round bullets are making a ton of people sick. Good thing we have a reindeer doctor on the premises.

So, it’s fighty fight-fight time. Everyone’s fighting. None of it’s interesting except for the Luffy/Chopper combo attack. Well, no. Those electric shrunken Raizo’s throwing out was cool too. Speaking of Raizo, he dropped the prison keys near Kid to free himself and Killer, but Kid’s obviously thinking about something. Maybe he’s thinking about joining the Alliance. I’m sure he wants to see Kaido taken down as much as them.

More prisoners get shot, spreading the virus called Mummy. A nasty disease that causes pain and makes you bleed, both on the outside and when you pee. Queen, you monster! Read More…

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Diary of an Itchy Kid [My Hero Academia 236]

Well, that was an adventure. Lemme put on some calming music before we get into it.


I’m not showing any gore. So, let’s all pretend she’s looking at a broken Nintendo Switch and not her dead dog.

Pent up anger. Tenko Shimura felt his family was against him. Felt his father was a monster for punishing him for wanting to be a hero. Felt the rest of his family stood by and let it happen. This was the result, an angry child lashing out with a newly emerged quirk. A quirk that kills.

We knew Tenko would kill his family but I had my doubts. Namely, how did every family member keep their hands if they were turned to dust? Well, the answer to that was pretty simple. Decay, when it first manifested, broke things down into chunks, rather than disintegrating them like what we see from the current Shigaraki. Guess someone’s been training their quirk over the years.

We also see Tenko using a long-range attack and decaying his house (the one his father had built), confirming he’s been capable of doing those attacks from the beginning. And, while attacking, Tenko’s hair is turning white and I assume his eyes are turning red, just like Eri. If All For One had nothing to do with Tenko’s quirk then that confirms someone with a mutant quirk gets those physical attributes only when their quirk first activates. Read More…

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Hipster Hotline: Spy x Family

To prevent a war, a spy must have a family. Yep, welcome to the manga called Spy x Family.


Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family, as I said, stars a spy codenamed Twilight. He’s your typical super-spy, tough, suave, a master of disguise. If you’ve seen it done in a spy movie, he can do it. Twilight quickly gets what could be his most important mission yet, preventing a war between the East and West. And, all he has to do is form a family so get can get close to the guy behind it all. Easy, right?

This is where things get interesting. See, Twilight can usually dons a disguise, plays the role, then bam, he’s done and off on the next mission. But now, he has to play an everyday father and husband for however long it takes. And, that includes getting a daughter.

Anya, is a little girl Twilight adopts from an orphanage to be his daughter. She’s also an esper possessing mind-reading powers. Using her power, she quickly learns who Twilight really is and despite not being the super smart and capable child Twight was looking for, is able to get Twilight to adopt her. What makes Anya such a strong and fun character is her knowing her dad’s secret mission and even secretly helping him at times without revealing she can read minds. Read More…

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Good Doggy! Now, Play Dead! [My Hero Academia 235]

All For One is the pettiest mofo since my jerk 6th Grade teacher gave me a 50-page book report assignment simply because I told him his wife left him because he smelled like peanut butter.


Shigaraki can now destroy energy attacks! Eat your veggies kids and you too can be a superpowered badass.

Welcome Shigaraki’s backstory! While I guessed correctly, along with half the internet, young Tenko wanted to be a hero, I wasn’t expecting to see All For One so early in the flashback. Looks like he and Tenko met prior to the alley after his family died. So what happened? What did All For One do? Honestly, I don’t know. Considering Tenko has been itchy for a while now, I doubt All For One implanted the quirk at that time. Now, it’s possible if that wasn’t the first time the two met All For One could’ve switched out Tenko’s original quirk for Decay, but we’ll have to wait and see. It could be just as likely All For One befriended the boy to lead him down a dark path slowly over the years, with or without his family. The guy’s immortal, he’s got the time.

Kotaro’s an asshole. Again, as predicted, thanks to Nana’s actions, he has a mad hate-on for heroes. So much so, you can’t even mention them in the house! Tenko’s mom, sister, and maternal grandparents feel sorry for him, but no one truly sticks up for Tenko when the crap hits the fan. They just console him and move on. As we learn, that itself is a problem. They console but even then don’t go against Kotaro’s wishes and tell Tenko, yes, you can be a hero. That is what he needed most of all.

Later, Tenko gets busted for looking at Nana’s picture hidden in Kotaro’s study, and Hana throws him under the bus saying it was his idea. Traitor! I can’t blame her too much, their father is such a rageaholic when comes to heroes, she would’ve gotten five across the eyes too. Read More…

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