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Nap Time, Hirokoshi! [My Hero Academia 202]

My Hero Academia is off next week and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously. Hirokoshi deserves a freaking break!


I didn’t know Bender’s kids worked at UA

I hope someone plays this song for Tokoyami.
Since this was another short chapter (Don’t waste your break only playing Spider-man on PS4, Hirokoshi.) we don’t get to see Aizawa punching Aoyama and Hagakure in the face, but let’s assume it happened off-panel. We gear up for match #3. Team Idia VS Team Tetsutetsu.

We get some foreshadowing that Todoroki will use at least one of Endeavor’s attacks this match. He’s never done it in a fight so far. Should be an interesting moment. Meanwhile, Iida is ready to prove why he’s in most official My Hero Academia promo art. Let’s hope he earns his keep or the upcoming X-mas poster will have Mineta instead. Eek! Read More…

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Deku’s New Teachers [My Hero Academia]

Is there really anything fighting wise left for Toshinori to teach Deku?


Don’t leave them hanging, Deku

The kid already knows the basics and has copied almost every one of All Might’s attacks (Oklahoma Smash being the only move he hasn’t yet performed comes to mind). Face it, Toshinori has the knowledge and experience to continue mentoring Deku, even helping Deku improve his current abilities. But, when it comes to coming up with new fighting moves I think the former #1 is tapped out.

But, this is a battle shonen, right? Deku has to learn new moves, right? So, what will he do? Easy, get someone else to teach him. No, not Aizawa? And, not Gran Torino. I’m talking about seven teachers who’ve been with him since the day he ate All Might’s mighty hair: The previous One For All users. Read More…

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Karakuri Circus [Episode One]

Why aren’t more people talking about this show?

[BakedFish] Karakuri Circus - 01 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_16.09.084

The animation is amazing. Look at those rocks!

It’s a miracle it even exists. An anime adaption in 2018 of a manga series that ended in 2006. It’s almost unheard of nowadays. Especially, because Karakuri Circus isn’t exactly mega-popular, at least not in the west.

Long story short (and spoiler-free), Karakuri Circus tells the story of a Masaru, Narumi, and Shirogane. Three people whose lives intertwine with each other and the Automatons, mechanical puppets with a tenacity to kill, usually under the guise as performers at the Midnight Circus. Why are they doing this? What’s their goal? And what’s all this has to do with our three main characters? Spoilers, spoilers, and spoilers. But believe me, learning the answers to these questions are what makes this story work. Can’t say how they’ll fit the entire saga in 36 episodes, but if it the anime is half as good as the manga it’s worth a watch. Read More…

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Invisible IQ (My Hero Academia 201)

Hagekure, you idiot!


So, why didn’t you drop a couple flash bombs then hit her with a net first?

Your whole shtick is stealth. Stealth. Why in the bloody hell would you alert a target of your presence? And why was it taking so long to take Manga down? Are you telling me the invisible student whose quirk allows her to sneak up on people doesn’t have hand-to-hand combat skills? Seriously! You didn’t think to take a couple martial arts classes? No one ever suggested that? I can’t believe this. The one person who should know how to beat down a person doesn’t know how to fight. My jaw is on the floor. You know, where freaking Manga should’ve been in two seconds flat!

I’m not done yet. Aoyama, you were literally carried by your team. You got captured, twice before the end. You couldn’t hit Kuroiro with a beam sent through your arm? Come on, dude. That was a weak performance. Poor Momo and Tokoyami did their best but how do you expect them to win when it’s 2 vs 4?  Read More…

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Great Scott! Time Travel in One Piece! (One Piece 920)

A lot of information in this chapter.


Here come the hi-jinks. If Zoro low key defeats a Calamity I won’t complain.

But, we don’t get all the details. That’s for later. Like I said last review, Oda’s saving the whole flashback until after the first round of big fights.

Kibi. There was five samurai working under Lord Oden and I assume the one who didn’t travel through time was Kibi. No doubt entrusted with protecting Momonosuke’s younger sister, Hiyori. Where’s Hiyori now? Not sure, but I doubt she’s dead. Or, maybe she is and gave up her life to protect Tama. I assume she’s Hiyori’s daughter, which means, the swordsmith is probably Kibi.  Read More…

I love Manga Fukidashi’s quirk.


And you thought sand got everywhere

Oh, and happy 200th chapter My Hero Academia. I already sent my present to Hirokoshi. It’s a new pillow because I’m sure my buddy needs a good nap.

We learn more about Kinoko’s quirk, Mushroom. She grows mushrooms. Yeah. Let’s move on to the quirk of the day, Comic. Manga Fukidashi has the power to make onomatopoeia real. Love it. Love it. Loooove it! Such a crazy quirk and quite powerful. That wham wall he made was gigantic! And his sound effects have the power to generate what they represent, so Manga’s humid words are actually humid and help make Kinoko’s mushrooms grow more! It’s my favorite Class B quirk so far by a mile. Could it be overpowered? I hope so! Like Class A, I want Class B to have a couple super strong quirk users. Read More…

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Nine Samurai or Nine Doctors? (One Piece 919)

Because I’m totally down for a One Piece x Doctor Who crossover.


Gallifrey. Skaro. …Wano?

Speaking of doctors, why is Law upset Luffy did something good? He’s a freaking doctor! Unless he’s charging outrageous prices for treatment, ala Black Jack, shut your mouth. Thankfully, Tama is out of the story for a while and most of the Strawhats are back together, meaning it’s time to get down to business. Not sure we’ll get a proper Oden backstory (yet), but at least we’ll get the basics. Kin’emon has been in the story for a long time now, Oda’s gonna wring every drop of drama from the Oden tragedy from 20 years ago.

Looks like Speed is a permanent good guy now, moving on. Read More…

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Hawkman & Raven (My Hero Academia 199)

Question: Did Hawks get assigned as a double agent right after the USJ incident?


So cool! Who says you can’t be edgy and environmentally efficient?

I don’t think so. If I remember correctly, those government people approached him after the Kamino incident. I think… If so, Hawks get points for being on the ball early.

Glad we got to see Tokoyami’s internship and work-study with Hawks. Intentional or not, Hawks set him on a good path. I wonder how much Tokoyami will cry when Hawks is killed? Yeah, I said it. Well, I don’t think it’s 100% certain, but I put it at around a 50/50 chance right now. Either Hawks becomes the biggest hero kill of the League of Villains or… Well, I don’t know. Make that a 60/40 chance. Read More…

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Luffy Forgot the Doritos! (One Piece 918)

Here comes Jack!


37 naughty One Piece doujins drawn from this one panel, today.

Holdem’s down for the count and Jack knows. Oopsie! Safe to say Team Luffy Alliance is busted. But, at least they stole the treasure barge so the regular citizens can eat. Wow! That panel with the family about to commit suicide rather than starve was dark. Nice touch Oda. It wasn’t dwelled upon, he just showed how bad things got. Solid storytelling.

Speed’s a joke character. I can live with that. She wasn’t built up to be anything more than that. I still think Hawkins is playing the long game. There’s more going on with him than we’ve seen. Read More…

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How I’d Make Marvel Comics More Popular


The Marvel movie franchise is one of the biggest in the world. So, why aren’t more people reading their comics? Even turning half of Marvel’s moviegoers into comics fans would send Marvel Comics into the stratosphere. Well, I have two main reasons.

1. People look down on the comic book industry.

Movies, TV, Books, and Plays are some of the many ways to tell a story. But comics have never been fully accepted by the mainstream. Even now, the average person will hear about an iconic comic character vastly changing their status quo and freak out, even though: A.) They don’t read comics. And, B.) Things will be reset after a fixed time.

And, let’s not forget the people who think only superhero and kids theme stories become comics. Calling comics a media only for kids is like saying TV is only for kids because of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Even, manga readers have these assumptions! Yet, if someone insults manga, calling it hentai, they’ll lose their minds. So, what can Marvel do against all that bias?

Solution: Focus on improving the comic industry’s reputation.

Lay a foundation. Many people won’t read comics if they think it isn’t cool or only for kids. The world’s full of mindless sheep like that. Marvel has to go on a huge advertising attack protecting comic legitimacy. I’m talking about TV and internet commercials. Show an ad with someone dismissing comics and have a comics fan show them how much the industry is like TV or movies, full of different genres with something for everyone. That’s right everyone. Not just geeks, not just kids. Everyone. Show the average Marvel movie fan they can read more about their favorite heroes. Show a disinterested movie date reading a mystery or romance comic. Make comics the norm and the wallets will follow. Read More…

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