Don’t Watch Lazy Reaction Videos

I finish watching an entertaining video on Youtube, mostly, when I should be doing actual work, and there it is in the suggestions list, a reaction video, complete with a goofy picture of said person watching the video. I’d probably buy Youtube Red if it meant never having that type of video suggested again.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of reaction videos, I even subscribe to a few. The first official Youtube reaction video I ever watched was a One Piece reviewer reading a chapter with a huge character reveal (Sabo, but you knew he was already alive, right?). I remember thinking how cool it was seeing someone enjoy something I enjoy too for the first time. But, the following week he did it again, to a less than eventful chapter. And, that’s when I realized reaction videos became the new abridged series.

Interview Meet The Geek My Hero Academia

Meet The Geek: Todoroki’s Mom Interview [My Hero Academia]

todoroki mom00

It took three long years, but I was finally granted permission to interview the estranged wife of the famous Flame Hero Endeavor. For the first time, we’ll hear her side about life at the Todoroki household, and that fateful day she injured her own son. Enjoy.