Hunter x Hunter Interview Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi [Hunter x Hunter]


Join me as I sit down with Hunter x Hunter creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. I was planning on a more in-depth interview, a ride thoughtout the mangaka’s entire career, but things didn’t work out as planned.

Redgeek: You’ve been playing Dragon Quest for three hours. We should probably start the interview.
Togashi: We haven’t?
Redgeek: Come on Mr. Togashi. Hunter X Hunter is back after it’s nineteenth hiatus. The fans want to know how long it’ll last this time.
Togashi: How long? Until the very end. No more breaks. Ever!
Redgeek: Really?
Togashi: *falls over laughing*
Redgeek: Right, of course. Okay, then, how about telling us how many chapters are in this chunk?
Togashi: Depends. When is Splatoon 2 launching?
Redgeek: Togashi-sensei!
Togashi: Calm dog. Big Tog’s just kidding. Did you see that new Dragon Ball fighting game at E3?
Redgeek: Oh, man. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite looks like deer turd compared—Hey!
Togashi: Okay. Okay. As of right now I have at least—
*Ding Dong!*
Togashi: Excuse me.
Redgeek: [Moments Later] Who was it?
Togashi: Package arrived. My new Playstation 4 Pro.
Redgeek: Noooooooo!!!!
Togashi: Don’t worry. I promise my readers will get no less than—


Apologizes, but this interview is going on hiatus. It will return Winter 2017. No, Super Mario Odyssey will be out by then. Make that Early 2018. When is Dragon Ball Fighterz coming out again? Hm? Lets shoot for mid-to-late 2020. Bye!

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