Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor is Blonde!

So, which is it?
The fear of change? Force of habit? Assumption that their pretty female companions will be M.I.A. during her run? Or, just old fashioned sexism?

Doctor Who, the famous British science fiction television show announced their next doctor will be Jodie Whittaker, the first ever female version of the doctor. Guess what? Some people aren’t happy with about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no expert on Doctor Who. Sure, I’ve watched every episode since its return in 2005, but I never watched an entire episode of Classic Who, simply a clip here or a classic era review there. By no means am I a mega fan. I watch. I enjoy. I move on. That’s it. For the record, Matt Smith is my favorite doctor for the zillions dying to know. The start of a new doctor’s run can be rough under normal circumstances. A New Doctor Cycle, if you will:
1. New Doctor announced. Fans sad current doctor is leaving.
2. Anger at new doctor “taking the role” from “best doctor” ever.
3. New Doctor starts and fans fall in love again.
4. Repeat from step one.

It’s a never ending process. Add in a couple X chromosomes and things get murkier. Or, is it? Is there really a vast majority of fans of a science fiction show that has dealt with sexism, racism, and other injustices multiple times upset about a female taking over the role? A role, for what anyone with the ability to use a door handle knows, isn’t permanent? Who knows. At least, I don’t, but I want to believe most humans can see the irony in hating equality in a show that promotes it.

In the end, should we care? Yes, we should. Sexism, and every other injustice in the world, exists because people allow it either through apathy or as a learned habit. You can’t please everyone, and if that’s true, I’m fine living in a world of miserable haters.

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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