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Hunting for a My Hero Academia Podcast


I love podcasts. Whether I’m eating, taking a shower or doing the dishes, I can always find time to listen to a good podcast. Unfortunately, podcasts don’t last forever. Comic Book Queers, Hellmouth Podcast, and Ultimate Facepalm are just a few of the many great podcasts to have came and left from my life.

Because podcasts don’t last forever, and even favorites like Super Podcasto Magnifico! or Hollywood Babble-On can never realistically make enough new content to satisfy me, other podcasts must fill the void. Which brings us to the question: Where are the My Hero Academia podcasts?

My Hero Academia

5 Quirks All For One Doesn’t Want You To Know He Stole


The evil mastermind, All For One, has committed many heinous crimes. Among those, the stealing of quirks. But, not every quirk he’s stolen is used for battle. Here are five hidden quirks All For One stole for other purposes:

One Piece

How to Avoid Getting Screwed by Big Mom


She’s one of the most powerful pirates in the One Piece world. Her wrath can reach almost anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Her appetite knows no bounds. Pirate Emperor Big Mom, leader of the Big Mom Pirates and avid Cake Wars fan has a dream, to create a world were everyone gets along and can eat at the same table. And, she’s spent most of her life working towards that dream—by having lots and lots AND LOTS of sex.


Manga Reviewers Reading Bad Scanlations


You can’t expect a scientists to do a good job with inaccurate data, but many manga reviewers are analyzing translated manga chapters, called scanlations, with inaccurate or just plain wrong translations. To be fair, I’m sure most don’t know their go to manga site cares more about pumping out an English scanlation first for website clicks than accuracy. I’ll also bet some don’t care. Like the viewer hungry translation group dumping an English worded mess on the impatient masses, the speed reviewer only cares about being the first to comment on the newest epic chapter, the greatest chapter in the history of the series ever, until the next chapter in a week or so.

Editorial My Hero Academia

All Might, All Alone?

All Might00

What does it take to be the number one hero? Power, sure. Determination, of course. Charisma, you bet. A family, well…

All Might, the number one hero of Japan in the hit series My Hero Academia, has an unknown past. We know some things, such as Toshinori (All Might) himself coming up with the idea to become a living symbol of peace to deter criminals and give hope to the masses. We know *spoilers spoilers spoilers*

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Applejack Dead at 33 (93 in horse years)


Generation One My Little Pony brought happiness and gender targeted toys to untold girls and plastic toy collectors in the 1980s. With a heavy Dark Heart, I announce that generation’s beloved character, Applejack, had passed away due to complications from moldy hay stuck in her throat.

Applejack, real name Crabapple Jackson, gave life and cute girly sounds to the role of the silly pony Applejack. She leaves behind four daughters, twelve grandchildren, and a collection of stale Hostess apple pies no one wants to inherit. Her life-long friend, Dolly Parton will be playing at her funeral at Midnight Castle on Sunday. G4 Applejack posted on twitter this morning calling her alternate version “A bad jumper but a heck of a good mentor and friend.”

Goodbye, dear mare. You will forever be one of the greatest Applejacks not counting the current series or the cereal.