My Hero Academia

5 Quirks All For One Doesn’t Want You To Know He Stole


The evil mastermind, All For One, has committed many heinous crimes. Among those, the stealing of quirks. But, not every quirk he’s stolen is used for battle. Here are five hidden quirks All For One stole for other purposes:

1. Penis Enlargement
Yeah, I’m not surprised either. Pretty much a favorite superpower up there with time travel and flying. AFO can grow his male organ to any size at will. Quite handy when he’s forgotten his golf clubs.

2. Talking to Cats
All For One’s a cat guy, who knew? He’s owned many felines over the years, but any cat owner can testify most felines can be fickle—very fickle. Understanding what goes on in their brains is no longer a problem for the master of crime. Turns out most of his cats aren’t fickle, just assholes. Like attracts like I guess.

3. Telepathic Netflix
No, not the power to control computers with sheer willpower. Netflix, that’s it. He stole the extremely specific quirk that allows the user to beam Netflix in their brain. Any show or movie, as long as its on that streaming site, the Emperor of Evil can watch it with his mind’s eye. Very useful on long commutes, but he still has to pay a membership fee. Well, no quirk is perfect.

4. Roller Skates
Desiring more mobility, All For One stole a quirk allowing him to create four wheels under his feet. Unfortunately, the quirk only works when his feet are exposed, so no socks or shoes. Plus, skating around a dark hideout doesn’t exactly command respect—unless you’re Beast Wars Megatron.

5. Hipster Blocker
Whether it be wearing vintage clothes or the drinking coffee with a spoon, All For One can make even the most hipster acts look completely normal. Keep in mind, not even one of the most powerful humans on Earth has the power to make a vegan DJ not look hipster.


By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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