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In a world of magic and monsters, Lina Inverse is a girl destined to…eat and steal stuff. Well, less destiny, more of a—desire, greed really. Lina is a gifted sorceress using her talents to make money any way she can without getting arrested. A girl’s gotta eat. Along the way, she meets others, some good, many evil, all annoying to her in some degree. Slayers is…it’s like a Japanese RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun, scary, thrilling, exciting—you get the idea. If you like fantasy with a mix of humor in the right spots, give it a shot. It’s downright entertaining. But where to start?

There is a lot of Slayers multimedia but I can only recommend what I’ve enjoyed. Confession time: I never read the original novels but the first eight novels based on the first two seasons of anime TV series was officially licensed. The other volumes aren’t, a damn shame too. A few volumes were translated by fans but they are hard to find. Slayers is an older property and the download links simply died. Enough self-pity, recommendations:

Slayers TV series, seasons 1–3 (anime)
The heart of the Slayers franchise not counting the novels. A must watch if even remotely interested in the lore. Lina and her friends travel around causing trouble and saving the day. Season two is my favorite but it also was the first season I watched.

The fourth and fifth seasons are okay but after many years waiting for another season I was disappointed. I wanted the later novels adapted but we got anime original seasons instead, both heavily linked to the first season. I felt like they were more of a reminder of what happened previously than a proper continuation. It wasn’t bad but certainly what I didn’t want and can’t recommend.

Slayers Special (anime)
These are Lina Inverse’s adventures before the events of the TV series, her partner/rival being Naga the Serpent. These are shorter, more comedic stories, but don’t let that fool you, they are still great stories. Lina’s interaction with the egotistical Naga is the stuff of legend. Do not pass up if in the mood for a less serious take on Slayers.

Slayers the Movie is okay but I don’t recommend it as a jumping on point. The plot moves fast and it’s not that great in my opinion. Check it out only once you’re hooked.

Slayers: Knight of Aqualord (manga)
This is an alternate retelling of the third season of the television series. Not the same story at all! But, I really enjoyed it, so much I think I’d rather had this be season three (but I love both versions so that’s not set in stone). This manga feels like a more organic continuation of the first two seasons. Whether you like the actual third season or not, give this a read.

Slayers: Light Magic is another manga series worth a try but not officially recommended. It’s enjoyable but not top tier by any means.

Slayers Universe (website)
A website recommendation? Yep! This is where I got my Slayers fix after first consuming the anime years ago. This website goes DEEP into the Slayers world. The creation of their universe, the different types of magic, the rankings of Dragons and Mazoku—this site gives you lots of information on why the world of Slayers is what it is. It’s also the reason why I’m so annoyed with seasons four and five. So much lore, literally volumes of stories to adapt and they rehash—NO! No, I’m over it. Let it go Redgeek.

Not much else to say. You like fantasy? Check out Slayers. But, be prepared for the heartache of non-released English volumes and an anime that could’ve gone on much longer than it had. But, as they say: Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…



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