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Don’t Need Nostalgia to Enjoy Ducktales 2017, I Think


Okay, six episodes in and I’m officially onboard.

Not to say the previous five were bad, they were all varying degrees of enjoyable (least favorite is Beagle Birthday) but I’m ready to put the nostalgia glasses away and watch Ducktales 2017 as a fan of this version, not of the 80’s cartoon.

Not that criticizing the old series is hard, I love the old series but there were many episodes I didn’t like, but at its core, speaking as someone who never read the comics, OG Ducktales at its best was about adventuring with Scrooge McDuck and the rest of the main cast. That’s why the first episodes are so memorable to me. The Golden Suns arc was what I wanted Ducktales to be all the time–adventure with some comedy, mystery and character development mixed in.

Manga One Piece

Let’s talk about Jimbei and Carrot [One Piece, Chapter 881]


Jimbei is the Strawhat helmsman, we get it, Oda!

You’ve been dropping clues throughout the series, but chapter 881 is our first look at the former warlord showing how top-level a helmsman he truly is. Not only did Oda get on a megaphone, blasting Jimbei’s crew role but also hinted why no one reached Raftel since Gol D. Roger and his crew. Here’s the mathematical equation to reach Raftel:

Nami + Franky + Robin (Road Polyglyphs) + Jimbei=Raftel

Hipster Hotline Manga

Hipster Hotline: Karakuri Circus

karakuri circus00

Ever read a manga you enjoyed then wondered why the heck it isn’t popular?
Karakuri Circus is a shounen manga about a boy named Masaru Saiga on the run from relatives who want him, or more specifically, the eighteen billion yen his dead dad left him. He quickly meets Narumi Kato and a woman calling herself Shirogane, both separately wanting to help Masaru. Simple plot, right? Yeah, but that’s only the beginning.

Manga My Hero Academia

Nejire, the Time Stopper [My Hero Academia]


Thank you, Hirokoshi!
I was scared you’d go full Oda on your female characters but you pulled through. Now, I could be jumping the shark but I believe the chances of a flashback showing how the female heroes wind up crashing Overhaul’s victory kill party is coming next chapter.

Hm? I don’t see Nejire in chapter 155.
Hm? Someone has to save Aizawa.
Hm? Two of the Big Three already had solo fights this arc.
Think it’s safe to say Nejire will duke it out with Chronostatis, complete with an added flashback like Mirio and Tamaki.

That leaves  Ryukyu, Uravity, and Froppy to help deal with Overhaul and Plague Doctor Hulk. Maybe one will get Eri and Sir Nighteye to safety. Not Uravity, of course. She’s the key to bringing down Overhaul. One touch and he’s floating with no way to manipulate the ground. Maybe, Froppy could sneak up in camouflage mode giving Uravity her chance to grab Overhaul. Or, maybe…better stop or I’ll be here all day.

At this point, I’m just glad the girls are getting their due. Yay!

Manga My Hero Academia

20% Ain’t Enough Deku [My Hero Academia]


Deku has achieved his equivalent of Gear Second, but with one fatal flaw, he lacks technique. I think it’s safe to say U.A. don’t require students to learn a martial art, instead relying on increasing the body’s physical strength, speed, and stamina. Technique at U.A. basically means improving a students quirk to its highest ability. Overhaul pointed out the young hero lacks fighting technique and, for a body enhancing quirk like One For All, it won’t matter if Deku has full control if he sucks at fighting. So, if Deku wants to learn how to fight, what should he do?

All Might and Gran Torino aren’t up to it. Deku doesn’t fight like All Might and Gran Torino is more about gaining general fighting experience than learning a martial art. Ectoplasm is a great choice, being a kicking expert, but I think someone else is up to the task.

Sir Nighteye.
Yes, Deku surviving Sir Nighteye’s certain death prediction is just what the pro hero needs to finally give the One For All successor his full blessing and train him just like he did Mirio. Look at Mirio’s fight against Overhaul and Sir Nighteye’s fight against Rappa, these guys know how to fight. I’ll go so far to say Mirio’s quirk wouldn’t be nearly as effective if he didn’t have combat training. A powerful quirk means nothing if you can’t hit an opponent. Mirio jumped that hurdle. Now, imagine Deku doing what Mirio did but with his quirk. Cool, huh?

20% Deku=Gear 2nd…maybe not.
Let’s call it Gear 1.5. Only when Deku combines his power with fighting technique will twenty percent be, not only cooler, but his true Gear Second.


Bucky O’ Hare, S.P.A.C.E. Captain, Dead at 33


In another dimension, another time and space,
A parallel universe was fallin’ on its face
The guy in the coffin, who else could it be
But our favorite badass rabbit who’s now D.E.A.D. eek!

Bucky! Captain Bucky is dead!
Mutants and aliens and toads don’t care!
You’re looking to pay respects? Well, this is it,
To Jenny, Deadeye, Blinky, and Willy DuWitt

I said Bucky! Captain Bucky is dead!
“And now, an update on Bucky O’Hare’s awesome funeral!”
In the battle of the aniverse, don’t know who’ll die next,
You only know amphibians are praising KOMPLEX!
When you get drunk in despair and pass out on the floor,
There’s only one course of action: Let’s puke on some toads!

Bucky! Captain Bucky is dead!
He left me his new iPhone I think that’s what he said!
If your Righteous Indignation has suffered a hit
And plans to play Overwatch tomorrow’s broken a bit
And you’re losing your mind, and you’re having a fit
Cause the funky fresh rabbit was found dead as a brick!

Bucky! Captain Bucky is dead!
You say Bucky? I said Bucky!
Bucky is dead!
Let’s puke on some toads!