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20% Ain’t Enough Deku [My Hero Academia]


Deku has achieved his equivalent of Gear Second, but with one fatal flaw, he lacks technique. I think it’s safe to say U.A. don’t require students to learn a martial art, instead relying on increasing the body’s physical strength, speed, and stamina. Technique at U.A. basically means improving a students quirk to its highest ability. Overhaul pointed out the young hero lacks fighting technique and, for a body enhancing quirk like One For All, it won’t matter if Deku has full control if he sucks at fighting. So, if Deku wants to learn how to fight, what should he do?

All Might and Gran Torino aren’t up to it. Deku doesn’t fight like All Might and Gran Torino is more about gaining general fighting experience than learning a martial art. Ectoplasm is a great choice, being a kicking expert, but I think someone else is up to the task.

Sir Nighteye.
Yes, Deku surviving Sir Nighteye’s certain death prediction is just what the pro hero needs to finally give the One For All successor his full blessing and train him just like he did Mirio. Look at Mirio’s fight against Overhaul and Sir Nighteye’s fight against Rappa, these guys know how to fight. I’ll go so far to say Mirio’s quirk wouldn’t be nearly as effective if he didn’t have combat training. A powerful quirk means nothing if you can’t hit an opponent. Mirio jumped that hurdle. Now, imagine Deku doing what Mirio did but with his quirk. Cool, huh?

20% Deku=Gear 2nd…maybe not.
Let’s call it Gear 1.5. Only when Deku combines his power with fighting technique will twenty percent be, not only cooler, but his true Gear Second.

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