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Meet the Geek: Kohei Horikoshi [My Hero Academia]


I’m been praising My Hero Academia for a long time. After what seems like forever, I’ve finally been granted a phone interview with it’s creator, Kohei Horikoshi.

Redgeek: Thank you for your time, Hirokoshi-sensei.

Hirokoshi: No, no. Thank you. Always happy to talk with my fans.

Redgeek: Let’s begin with Overhaul. Quite the powerful villain, any hints as to whether or not he’ll survive this arc. I have a little theory his days are numbered. Not saying Deku will kill him. I just think the world of My Hero Academia isn’t big enough for the likes of Shigaraki and Overhaul. Any comments?

Hirokoshi: Yes! Yes! Awesome.

Redgeek: Would you mind clarifying?

Hirokoshi: Kylo Ren, baby. No way is he’s killing momma Leia. I swear I’ll riot if he so much as look as her funny.

Redgeek: What?

Hirokoshi: This will not…go the way…you think! Hell yeah!

Redgeek: Are you watching the Star Wars trailer?

Hirokoshi: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, but please continue. It’s only my eighty-sixth time. You were saying?

Redgeek: Will Shigiraki kill Overhaul?

Hirokoshi: Fuck yes! God, yes! Rahhhhh!!!!

Redgeek: Was that a yes to my question or—

Hirokoshi: Hot damn. You see that latest trailer. Luke Skywalker in the Millennium Falcon! Oh, oh….uhh! Tissue, tissue.

Redgeek: Woah! Hirokoshi-sensei, I think you’re a little too excited for Star Wars.

Hirokoshi: That’s like being too excited for Avengers four. Did you see that leaked trailer?

Redgeek: Sir, can we please get back on topic?

Hirokoshi: …Sorry. Okay, I’m calm. Back to the subject, I’ll probably name the next place after Kylo Ren, maybe Skywalker if I can get away with it. You think naming the third best hero school Skywalker or Ren is better?

Redgeek: You can always break up the words Sky and Walker, I’d go with that. Now about my theory—

Hirokoshi: Yeah, that’s perfect. Gotta draw it. Let’s talk later, bye. *click*

Redgeek: And there you have it. Overhaul will not be killed by Shigaraki, but Kylo Ren. Tune in next time for the another spoiler packed Meet the Geek.

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