One Piece Survive

Survive: Totto Land


Yonko Pirate Big Mom’s archipelago, home to Whole Cake Island, her primary base of operations. How long could I survive in Totto Land?

First I’d have to show loyalty to the Big Mom Pirates, maybe join the crew as a lackey. But, I’m not a fighter so I’ll probably get a normal job on one of Totto Land’s thirty-five islands—islands made of food. Cacao Island, Nuts Island, Cheese Island, Milk Island, so many to choose from. Well, not Milk Island, place is most likely ninety-nine percent rancid. Can’t forget the rivers of juice. Think I’ll travel about before settling down.

But, what to do about the soul payment? Big Mom collects one month of every resident’s life span twice a year. Small but it’ll add up over time. And, it’s not like I can leave. Big Mom isn’t one to let members of her crew go—the same is probably true for her regular citizens. So, adding up the soul payments, option to join Big Mom’s crew and the general living conditions of one constantly living in, on, and around food, I estimate I can survive for…

Two Weeks

No way am I officially joining a pirate crew which leaves the resident life. A life no doubt filled constantly eating as much as possible, as long as possible. Two weeks is all it’ll take to gorge myself to death on cheese and biscuits. One week if I only stay on Cacao Island—but that’s too mainstream.

A horrible, yet tasty way to go.

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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