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Hipster Hotline: Samurai Pizza Cats


“What’s that on the ground?”

Samurai Pizza Cats will go down in history as the only edited/altered anime fans aren’t upset about. Simple plot, a team of anthropomorphic cats fighting evil while running a pizza shop in downtown Little Tokyo. What made SPC memorable is there unapologetic jokes, puns, and casual destruction of the fourth wall. Even more memorable is most of the humor works. You can tell the writers are having a blast, giving the audience the best lines they can get away with on a kids show. They wrote Samurai Pizza Cats for themselves and I thank them for it.

Even the best written anime needs good voice acting and Samurai Pizza Cats…deliver. Each voice is distinctive and full of life, able to deliv–uh–tell a joke or punch line the perfect way, essentially making even bad jokes land on their feet, heh. I think that’s the show’s secret ingredients, great writing coupled with great voice acting. I don’t think I’ll ever forget any of the main cast voices. They’re that good!

Add all that with the fourth wall annihilating narrator, and the (rumored) drunk theme song singer and you have the recipe for a fun comedy/adventure show ready to eat.

If you’re hunkering for an anime that doesn’t take itself seriously, give Samurai Pizza Cats a watch. It’s stupid for all the right reasons. And, now, I’ll leave you with one of the best quotes in the series, that has to be heard to be fully appreciated, delivered by the great Polly Esther.

“A fully functioning, cybernetic, technologically advanced team of superheroes… and nobody’s got a flashlight?”

Marry me, SPC!

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