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Jokey Smurf Dead at 153



It was bound to happen eventually. Resident practical joker and Overwatch rage quitter, Jokey Smurf died yesterday from, what else, a practical joke gone wrong.

Jokey Carlin Smurf, known for getting residents of Smurf Village to fall for the same exploding gift joke for decades, got the ultimate surprise trying a new explosive for use in his classic gag. The blue prankster, according to Autopsy Smurf, used too much C-4 resulting in a mishandled explosion blowing the shirtless comedian to bits. A statement released just hours ago from Obvious Smurf said “Duh! Like anyone needs a PhD to figure that out.”

Jokey’s funeral is slated to be held at Quarrel Castle with an estimated expected crowd of at least ten. Seems the joking smurf’s reputation precedes him as almost everyone thinks it’s some kind of elaborate joke. According to Jokey’s will, his funeral will be a comedy roast hosted by Pee-Wee with guest appearances from Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Bianca Del Rio, Grouchy Smurf, and Jeff Ross. Get your tickets now. Wizards under two-hundred get in free. Absolutely no gift boxes allowed!

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