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“The Night Begins to Shine” (Teen Titans Go)


Teen Titans Go is decent. I remember trying to get into it during its first season and bailed, but I have watched some funny clips and episodes on YouTube since then. It’s a gamble. You may get a funny episode or a clunker. In my opinion, the show is best watched on YouTube where fans post the best moments of the series. Alright, with that out the way, let’s talk about “The Night Begins to Shine”.

“The Night Begins to Shine” is an 80’s rock styled song made in 2005 by a band called B.E.R. It was the focus of an episode about Cyborg’s love of it. Gotta say, he’s not wrong. I like this song. I REALLY like this song. It’s so good I thought it actually was made in the 80s!

I haven’t been this infatuated with a cartoon song since Spongebob Squarepants’ Sweet Victory episode. Well, not counting Futurama’s Robot Hell song, but that’s more for adults. Can’t count anime or kids movies either, I guess. Point is, “The Night Begins to Shine” is a great song if you’re in the mood for 80’s rock. It’s, honestly, too good for Teen Titans Go. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Side note: After a little research I learned “The Night Begins to Shine” hit the Billboard charts earlier this year and it was covered by CeeLo Green and Fall Out Boy. Does that still qualify it as hipster? Well, it didn’t hit the Top 20 and I’m recommending the B.E.R. version only, so I’ll allow it.

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