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Hipster Hotline: Bastard (webtoon)



N-no, not you. Bastard is a web-comic thriller about Jin Seon, a high school boy with a secret, he helps his father kill people. Jin doesn’t like being an accessory to murder but what can he do? He was hurt badly as a kid so his body’s weak. And, he’s not the most socially adept teenager in the world, though, he can fake it if he wants. In any case, Jin wants to stop his father from murdering people. But, death loving daddy is starting to realize Jin could become a threat to his psychotic tendencies. It’s a cat and mouse game where the loser doesn’t get a continue.

Bastard puts the thrill into thriller. The struggle between Jin and his dad slowly escalates throughout the series, never letting up. We see Jin’s desire for independence and discovering romantic love. Jin is actively trying to lead a normal life but dad is constantly in his way. Seems like every step he takes Jin falls back two and I love it. Jin’s dad holds all the cards and seeing him manipulate Jin and everyone around him is amazing and horrifying.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are some fun moments when appropriate. But, make no mistake, this is a thriller about murderers. You want comedy, look somewhere else.

Bastard is a great read start to finish and unlike those of us who had to wait weekly for new chapters, all ninety-three suspenseful chapters are done and ready to enjoy. Is it Death Note level good? Monster level good? Probably not, but its close. And unlike those other two series, Bastard doesn’t wear out it’s welcome or get bogged down with sub-plots. Get in, enjoy the ride, and get out. That’s Bastard. Give it a read, if you ever learned how, you ass!

No, not you. That donkey over there. Certainly not talking to that bitch!
No, the female dog, not you. What a cock!
Really, that’s the biggest rooster I’ve ever seen. Anyway, read Bastard.

…Why am I on a farm?

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