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Bulma Briefs Charged With Tax Avoidance


After weeks of investigation, Bulma Briefs has officially been charged with participating in a tax avoidance scheme. According to reports, the current Capsule Corporation CEO invested 3.5 million zeni in movie and Steam game companies but claimed losses of over 300 million zeni over those same business.

Briefs gave a statement yesterday citing being unaware and misinformed of the situation, placing the blame on someone in her employment.

“We at Capsule Corp strive for excellence in all our endeavors, both in our business and personal lives. Sometimes those standards aren’t met. Further investigation on my end will be done and individuals responsible will be sent to the next dimension.”

At the time of this article, news of similar high profile persons either charged or under investigation continue to grow. Among them include:

Flintheart Gloomgold
Eugene H. Krabs
Nefeltari Cobra
Tony Stark
Lynn Minmei
Daphne Blake
My Little Pony’s Rarity
Princess Peach

According to government sources, Briefs could stand to pay over 400 million if convicted. When reached for comment, Briefs’ husband, Prince Vegeta Briefs, mumbled something about training then literally flew away.

Hipster Hotline Manga

Hipster Hotline: To You, The Immortal (manga)


From the creator of A Silent Voice (Oima Yoshitoki), comes To You, The Immortal. The story of an immortal…that’s meant for you?

To You, The Immortal is about a being able to take the form of anything, most notably those who die.

This is a character driven story. It’s not about saving the world, at least, not yet. This is the Immortal’s story as he/she/it learns about the world and its inhabitants. It’s mostly told through the people around the immortal until we reach a point where the immortal understands the world enough to follow along in its POV, but we still get to see the goings on with certain people connected to the immortal. Like I said, this is a character driven story.

Hipster Hotline Manga

Hipster Hotline: Kingdom (manga)


Kingdom isn’t exactly a hidden gem but it deserves to be as popular as Naruto or any other high profile shounen series, even if its officially a seinen series.

Kingdom is a retelling of the Warring States period that lead to the formation of China. It has all the good trappings of a battle shounen but in a historical setting with interesting heroes and villains. Oh! And, it’s a bit more violent, and by “bit” I mean a lot of dismembering. LOTS! This is a war manga that doesn’t shy away from war. It’s not overly gratuitous but, again, dismembering.

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Hipster Hotline: Baccano! (anime)


Take a story, fill it full of diverse characters in the American 1920’s, add a supernatural element and throw in some mystery. Then, chunk it all in a blender. That is Baccano!

Baccano is the out of chronological order tale of…people. Yeah, it’s lots of characters doing stuff. But, what they’re doing and who’s doing it is what makes the series fun. Gangsters, immortals, manic murderers—the show by design is crazy, but sometimes crazy works. And Baccano works.

Not going deep about the characters, mainly because they’re so many. It can—no, it is confusing (at least during a first-time viewing), but chances are you’ll find a character or five to fall in love with. Again, the story is all over the place but you get the since the creator wrote the story out linear and broke it apart so if you really wanted to piece it together it’ll make sense. This is all about enjoying the ride (no pun intended), a ride that wonderfully knows when and when not to take itself seriously. On the subject of fun, Isaac and Miria will become your spirit animals.

Manga My Hero Academia

Aoyama 2.0 Incoming? (My Hero Academia)


Who is Yuga Aoyama?
A joke character? A stalker? A traitor? Let’s figure out what’s going on with Aoyama.

Don’t think it’s a debate whether or not Aoyama is narcissistic. The guy’s dorm room is full of mirrors and pictures of himself! Possibly praised all his life by family is my guess where his arrogance comes from. Now, imagine growing up littered with praise. Who knows? Maybe his dad’s a famous hero in France. Whatever the case, Aoyama knows he’s destined for great things and enrolls in UA. One of his classmates is a wimpy looking boy who can’t control his power, so pathetic, he was nearly expelled on the first day!

Now, imagine that wimpy, bad quirk kid slowly, but surely, becoming the person you want to be: strong, smart, brave, and has friends. The boy caught the attention of All Might, performed great in the UA Festival—even went head first into danger to save a friend kidnapped by villains. The boy has what it takes to be a hero, and Aoyama knows it.

Why is Aoyama stalking Deku? Because he wants to be like him. He wants to become someone to be admired, someone with friends.


Angel Season 11 Thoughts (spoilers)


Didn’t like it.

I assume the story team wanted a more character driven, intimate season with a focus on Angel and Illyria’s pasts. But, why did it have to be so boring?

Manga My Hero Academia

Endeavor’s Way (My Hero Academia)


How does one become the symbol of peace?

All Might pulled it off, but Endeavor isn’t All Might—and he knows it. Toshinori himself told the new number one hero he had to find his own way. So, what will Endeavor do?

Well, we know what he won’t do, be the smiling super-friendly hero All Might was. Endeavor is all about being the guy who gets stuff done, the strongest. With that in mind, I say there are three routes Endeavor can go down to restore a peaceful minded society:

cartoon Dead

Optimus Prime Dead At…How Old Is He?


Autobot leader and licensed wedding planner, Optimus Prime, born/built Orion Pax, has died, once again. Officials report this latest death due to ransomware. Sources close to the former carrier of the Matrix of Leadership blames Prime’s negligence to update his anti-virus program for millions of years.

Galvatron in a statement last night said “The next person to call me Megatron gets a particle accelerator cannon where the CPU don’t shine.” Currently, plans are in effect to announce Arcee as the new Autobot leader. Seems the new leader is picked from names out a cranium compartment. “Doesn’t matter. We all know he’s coming back,” said Ultra Magus. “And he still owes me five energon cubes I loaned him at Autobot City.”

This time Prime’s funeral will be held inside Unicron’s head with Michael Bay leading the proceedings. Expect a twenty-one explosion salute. Guests will include members of G.I. Joe, New Avengers, and Styx.

Editor’s Note: An error occurred. Turns out the robot who died was in fact Leader-1, leader of the Guardians. As requested, his body will be melted down to make affordable cell phones for improvised families. We apologize for the confusion.

Redgeek Essays

Redgeek Reports #1

Welcome to Redgeek Reports. A comprehensive, easy to understand analysis of complex subjects designed to find the truth in any and every subject under the sun. My job is to approach a subject with as much objectivity as possible, resulting in an unbiased conclusion of nothing but facts and pure knowledge.

Today, I’ll discuss the psychological effects of watching shounen anime, and the acceptance of bias tendencies of its creators to legitimize a weak society in need of saving by a god-like protagonist with a physically appealing design. According to my in-depth analysis…

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Hipster Hotline: Gakuen Babysitters


Another slice-of-life manga done right.

Gakuen Babysitters is about Ryuuichi and Kotarou, two brothers orphaned after the death of their parents in a plane crash. Taken in by the principle of Ryuuichi’s high school, her only condition is for Ryuuichi to work at the school day care center for faculty kids, and now Kotarou.

What makes Gakuen Babysitters work are the different characters and variety of stories. Like Baby & me, we start things on a serious note but slowly Ryuuichi and Kotarou rebuild their lives, seeing them interact with a ever growing cast of characters. We do get callbacks to their tragedy and some sad moments here and there but this is generally a lite series dealing with personal issues and conflicts but nothing too intense.

Ryuuichi is a bit bland but he’s mostly used as the straight man to the antics of the daycare kids and the more eccentric older characters. Every character in the series so far has been enjoyable. From the serious Hayato to the ever lazy Usaida, characters come in all shapes and personalities. And once again, like Baby & Me, the manga isn’t afraid to focus on other characters if there’s a story to tell, keeping the series fresh and interesting. Special shout out to Saikawa, the best butler since Bruce Wayne’s Alfred.

If you’re looking for an adorable slice-of-life series that’ll put a smile on your face, give Gakuen Babysitters a read. Here’s hoping the anime adaptation premiering this month is just as good.