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Slayers’ Lord of Nightmares, Best Omnipotent Being Ever


One Thing I must say before jumpin’ in:

1. Watch Slayers Next, the second season of The Slayers TV series. Subbed or dubbed, doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about the first season, you can always go back. Major spoilers from the last two episodes are coming. This is your only warning!

Let’s talk about the Lord of Nightmares.

The Golden Demon Lord, L-sama, the Sea of Chaos, she has many names. In the fantasy world of Slayers, the Lord of Nightmares sits at the top, above humans, above dragons—demons, Gods, she is a creature in a class by herself. I’m talking next-level cosmic stuff here. So, why do I think the Lord of Nightmares is awesome? It’s not like omniscient beings are rare in fiction. The answer to that lies with what she is as well as her interactions with others.

Being a fictional world, the Lord of Nightmares fits quite comfortably within the Slayers lore. In fact, the magic and overall hierarchy of world building in Slayers is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I encourage anyone interested in magical fantasy to check out and read up on the detailed word of Slayers.

I’ll give you the abridged version. The LoN (Lord of Nightmares) existed before all. She created four separate worlds, i.e. dimensions, but she became lonely and wants those worlds destroyed and returned to her.

Hold it right there. If the LoN is the strongest entity in the universe (four universes, to be specific), why doesn’t she destroy everything and be done with it? My guess is the LoN is so chaotic maybe even she doesn’t know what she wants. No, maybe she knows but wants it all. Think about it, she is the Sea of Chaos. It’s possible she wants both to create and destroy equally. That sounds chaotic to me.

That helps explain why LoN created both a Demon Lord and a Dragon God in each world. Either the universe is destroyed and returned to her or it’s protected and lives on as pieces of her—her children if you will. No matter the outcome the LoN wins. If you want to get deeper, we can interpret the Demon and Dragon Lords as her essentially creating good and evil itself!

My knowledge of Slayers lore is by nowhere near complete. I haven’t read the light novels and most everything I know is from watching the TV series, reading a few manga series, and reading wikis and websites. But, you gotta work with what you have. With that in mind, let’s dive more into the LoN from the last episodes of Slayers Next.

Lina Inverse, out of options, performs the Giga Slave to kill Hellmaster Fibrizo, one of the most powerful, if not, THE strongest Mazoku not counting Demon Lord Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. Lina allows LoN to takeover her body. Goodbye Lina, hello Creator of the Universe.


When someone as powerful as Hellmaster Fibrizo screams at the sight of LoN you know stuff about to go down. Shit is hitting the fan. Insanity incoming, look out world!

But, the LoN isn’t upset.

She just stands there, talking—calmly explaining she’s now in Lina’s driver’s seat. You could even argue she gave Fibrizo both exactly what he wanted and didn’t want. What did Fibrizo want? To destroy the world. The whole point of Slayer’s Next is getting Lina to cast a Giga Slave, hoping it goes out of control. Well, he got it. Lina casts it, it went out of control, and we get the LoN staring him down.

Okay. So, you accidentally summon the creator of the universe. Sucks, but it’s not like its the end of the world, even if you want it. Take a deep breath, say you’re sorry for the inconvenience and start over from scratch. And, here’s where Fibrizo screwed up. He died, not because the LoN wanted him dead, but because he had a temper tantrum.

I firmly believe Hellmaster Fibrizo, in his right mind, could’ve escaped death. If he didn’t attack LoN. If he let Gourry and the others go, fulfilling Lina’s desire to save her friends. If he even calmly said “Oh, sorry. This didn’t workout the way I wanted. Please let me live. I really don’t want to die.” Not saying LoN would let him completely off the hook, but at least he she seems like a being you can somewhat talk to. But, no, Fibrizo has the mother of all lapses of judgment, raging over his foiled plan and declaring he wants to be destroyed—and he really does. BUT, he wants everything destroyed, not just him.

Once again, LoN gives him what he wants and doesn’t want at the same time, killing the high-level Mazoku. She wasn’t being petty. She didn’t do it with a smile or even laugh. Hellmaster Fibrizo wanted death and she gave him want he wanted, the end.

Okay. Fibrizo’s dead. Lina’s friends survive, and LoN gets rewarded with a cool body to live in. Not a bad day for an easy, what, ten—fifteen minutes of work tops. She even throws in a freebie and sticks around long enough to explain what happened to Lina’s friends. Now that’s just plain considerate.

I do like the quick glare she gave Xellos. Again, not so much a screw you glare as a are you trying to start shit with me too glare. Anyway, Xellos knells and it’s all good in the Saairag hood—except for, you know, all its residents being dead.

Time to take Lina’s body home. LoN takes off, but not before Gourry protests. He wants Lina back. What I find interesting is the LoN doesn’t argue with him or yell or say anything after that. She just leaves with Gourry in hot pursuit. Why? I think at that moment his words didn’t matter. Lina got what she wanted. The LoN got a new body. Everything else doesn’t matter. Besides, Gourry will get over it…right?


The Lord of Nightmares responds to a being’s true feelings. Lina sacrificed her very existence for Gourry. Hellmaster Fibrizo wanted nothing but the world destroyed with every fiber of his being, knowing the act ultimately meant his destruction too. And, good ol’ Gourry wanted Lina. Desires so powerful all three were willing to die for them.

Faced with such emotion, the LoN did what she did best—give you what you want and don’t want. Now, maybe I’ll pushing that a little too much this time. It’s safer to say she gave Lina back and sent them away because Gourry’s determination affected her. But, I like to add she also destroyed Lina’s body for a moment, in a way, releasing it THEN brought it back along with Lina’s soul. Might be reaching a bit with that one but I like it.

All in all, LoN—for a being made of chaotic darkness—is surprisingly benevolent. Yet, at the same time wants the world destroyed. Does this make the Golden Demon Lord good or evil or beyond both? I’d say…she’s chaos. She encompasses it all but at the same time none of it. Everything and nothing. Alone, but surrounded by beings made of her. She doesn’t care if you’re good or evil, whether you worship her or not. In the end, none of it matters. But, at the same time it all matters. That is chaos. That is the Lord of Nightmares.

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