Dr. Incest (Dr. Stone)


What the heck?

I knew Byakuya and the rest of the astronauts would be the origin of the village but the manga didn’t even try to allude to possible meetings with other possible un-stoned people or somehow another person or group surviving. Nope. Just one big incest party. And, guess what? You’re not invited. Well, unless you’re related, of course.

Look, I’m not taking a moral high ground here (My browser history can back me up.). If you’re consenting adults, go nuts, but I have a problem from a genetic perspective. At the bare bones minimum, some kind of breeding system would’ve been nice, scattering the genes as far as possible early on. Nah, screw that! Let’s have 1 on 1 marriages!

Really, the only thing I can take away from the past two chapters is them getting to work immediately having kids. And even that’s problematic because they all died relatively (Heh!) young.

I guess at some point the bad inbred genes got fazed out. Survival of the fittest and all that jazz. Talk about a tease, though. Forget Senku, I wanna see what that village in the past went through. F-for research purposes, of course. Yep. *coughcough*

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