Hunter x Hunter Manga

Sashay Away (Hunter X Hunter 373)


Hunter X Hunter is so on and off again, I stopped bothering to re-read chapters from previous breaks. But, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. Face it, we all know reading Hunter X Hunter is like going to the opera, just telling people you do it makes you look cultured. They assume you’ve been doing it for years and understand the details but will never question your knowledge in fear of looking like an ignoramus who only argues on Reddit and gets their news exclusively from political memes.

Now that it’s back, I’ve decided to do a live reaction blog post™. Why? Because I’m hip to the current jive and even a reaction hater like me must get my feet wet. Plus, “live reaction blog post” sounds cool. Let’s begin…

[Insert Over-the-top hype face here]

Page 1
A woman and man talking. My new OTP! What’s up with her hair? A gun? That’s so hype!

Page 2
Don’t kill your waifu! I’m not worried. Shonen manga taught me only ugly girls who do the ho ho ho! laugh die.

Page 3
Drop dead gorgeous! Or…
Shot through the heart
And you’re to blame
Darlin’, you give guards a bad name

Page 4
Heh, guard down. I get it.

Page 5
[Insert pussy joke here]

Page 6
Best cat video ever! What happens if something’s blocking her mouth? Enema?

Page 7
And the Hottest Zombie Award goes to…
Here’s hoping Donald Trump blows her brains out. Oops! Can’t mention politics on reaction blogs. It’s too real. Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe!

Page 8
Why the F you lyin’? MILF alert! Where my cougar queens at?

Page 9
Ugandan Knuckles! It’s still a thing, right?

Page 10
:O Kakin is the most gangsta kingdom in the world! :O

Page 11
Look at that chair. Definitely a Twitch streamer.

Page 12
Remember kids: Shooting you sibling isn’t cool. Narc on them and eat their dessert instead.

Page 13
Fission Mailed! Better luck text nime!

Page 14
Lock. Her. Up! Lock. Her. Up! Sad thing is she acts exactly like what some people thought Hillary Clinton was.

Page 15
Are they even whispering? They don’t give a FUCK! Woot, Wooooot!

Page 16
Pokemon Stars confirmed!

Page 17
Oh, hai guy from Berserk!

Page 18
What the hell are they talking about? CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON!

Page 19
Oh, shit! Something’s goin’ down, I think. Oh, well, the art wasn’t scribbles so I’m good. Thanks for reading, guys. You can check me out at Mammoth Base Opera Palace for— Wait? It’s castle, isn’t it? You know where I’m at. Don’t forget to support me on my patreon. For as little as $5,000 a month you get access to extra blog posts, lazy reviews and exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya next time!

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