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Buy Eri a Nintendo Switch (My Hero Academia 170)


It’s the fastest way to make a child smile. Well, there’s family/friendly affection but in the age of technology its all about materialism. Yay?

Anyway, what I really want to discuss is what Aizawa said. “They” are trying to find a home for Eri. And I think we all know where this is going.
….No, not an orphanage.
…………..Nope. Not living with Aizawa, but getting warmer.
………………….What? The Thousand Sunny? You know what, I’ll just say it.

Eri’s moving into UA’s dorm.

Think about it. She knows no one else without a criminal record except her hero saviors. She has to learn to control her power so Mirio can get his quirk back, and what better teachers than at UA. And, what better person to watch her back in case she goes out of control but Aizawa.

But, what about the traitor, you ask? Well, to that I say—I don’t know. That’s the big crack in my theory. But even that isn’t too big a problem because UA is a high-security place. The traitor would have to be nuts to mess with Eri. And she’ll be safe from any villains wanting her blood, assuming Shigaraki actually needs Eri at this point and I doubt it.

Welcome to the UA Eri! There’s no better place for you to live, except with the Wild, Wild Pussycats.
Or, Mama Izuku.
Or, a kind foster family.
Or, Toshinori.
Or, the X-men.

But, not Endeavor. No way!

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