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2D News: Disney Buys Weekly Shōnen Jump

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Welcome Everyone To Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Disney’s interest in a potential My Hero Academia/Marvel Superheroes crossover resulted in a deal buying both Weekly Shōnen Jump and Weekly Young Jump magazines from Shueisha Inc. for 17 billion dollars. Insiders call it Disney’s first step in assuring the superhero craze remains popular on every continent on Earth in the foreseeable future.

According to a Disney spokesperson, “Our plans are to establish separate animated universes leading to multiple direct-to-video team-up movies.” My Hero Academia mangaka, Kōhei Horikoshi, is reportedly still doing back flips throughout his office after hearing the news.

Along with My Hero Academia characters fighting alongside the likes of The Avengers and the X-men, rumors of other projects surfaced including a Ducktales x Darkwing Duck x Hunter x Hunter animated movie, The Muppets meets Rozen Maiden movie, and a live action One-Punch Man Netflix series.

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