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Hipster Hotline: Chichi Kogusa


Here’s a good one you probably never heard of. Chichi Kogusa hits you in the heart but thankfully doesn’t get melodramatic.

Chichi Kogusa is the story of Torakichi, a traveling medicine seller forced to take care for his young son, Shirou, after his wife dies.

First things first, the art is good. Really good! It’s not hyper realistic or anything like that but it’s well drawn and expressive and…cute. It fits the tone of the story perfectly. I can’t get over how much I love the art.

Back to the story, Chichi Kogusa deals with the struggle of a working father connecting with a son he barely got to know due to his job. We see father and son slowly grow closer while both still dealing with the lost of their wife and mother respectively. An emotional tale but hopeful at the same time.

It’s not all about the drama, we also explore the world of a traveling medicine seller through Shirou. It’s great world building done at a steady pace. We see the two interacting with customers, co-workers, and even their family, fleshing out Torakichi and Shirou as well as the people in their lives.

This the part where I talk about what I don’t like about the series, but I got nothing. I love the characters, the story, the ART. This is a slice-of-life peppered with drama and fun. Heartwarming! That’s the word—simply heartwarming.

A solid character driven story about the relationship between father and son. That’s Chichi Kogusa. That’s it, and it’s more than enough. Highly recommended!




Side note: I adore Torakichi’s sister and brother. Great characters. Did I mention I really like the art? I did? Did I mention I love the birds and the side chapters? I did? No, I didn’t. Don’t be a smart-ass!

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