Manga My Hero Academia

Basic Bitch No More (MHA)


Congratulations, Eri! You’re officially no longer a basic bitch.


One manga pet-peeve of mine is little girls wearing basic dresses. Like, totally basic. Pillowcase basic. It’s so lazy. Hey, mangaka? You can’t go to one clothing store website and research girls fashion?
What’s even worse are girls wearing pink frilly monstrosities littered with hearts. Every girl doesn’t have to dress like Card Captor Sakura. Are jeans too hard to draw? Eri’s new outfit is great. Not overly frilly or covered with hearts. It’s simple, not basic.  Certainly not…



By shounen standards, Eri new outfit is amazing. A clear winner at the Manga Fashion Awards, if such a thing existed.

Cheers Hirokoshi and you too Eri! Now, if Eri wears military fatigues at the actual school festival that’ll be great. If it’s too much you can always put a bow on her head, Hirokoshi—you baby.

By Redgeek

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