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My Hero Academia, The Darkest Timeline?


Kohei Hirokoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, loves superheroes. So, it’s no surprise he used the X-Men as a template for his superhero series. Swap mutant power with quirk, Prof. X’s school with UA. My Hero Academia is manga X-Men, big surprise, right? No? Okay, how about this:

My Hero Academia is a bad future.

Yep. We’re watching the events of a world gone to hell. Let’s start with what we know. Quirks first developed in MHA’s universe during our present. Quirk users were the minority and “normal” people hated and feared them. Sounds familiar, right?

Generations have passed since and it’s said the advent of quirks stunted technological advancement, which is why technology in that universe seems mostly like ours with the exception of robots and other things. But was it simply the world getting used to quirks? I don’t think so. Knowing human nature, I believe “normal” humans fought quirk users in the past. That’s right, My Hero Academia takes place in an X-Men world where Magneto won!

People discriminated against quirk users but over time they accepted them with open arms.

Yeah, right. Here’s a more realistic version:

People discriminated against quirk users, resulting in a war. Quirk users won, demanding equal treatment for all. Quirkless humans either agreed or were destroyed.

Yep, sounds about right.

The real reason why technology isn’t super advanced? Because normal humans spent all their resources trying to develop quirk cures and military weapons against quirk users. Funny how robots are some of the few technologically advanced machines in MHA World. Robots? Sentinels?

Governments wanted super-powered humans dealt with but our mutant overlords were too powerful. Over time, anyone spouting anti-quirk foolishness was simply “removed” from society and quirk users eventually became the dominant species. And, with hateful”normal” humans gone, quirk humans created a society free from prejudice on both sides.

A dark tale but, given the other result is the complete destruction of every quirk user on Earth, maybe it’s for the best. So, Magneto was right all along. I’m sure Deku thinks so. Magneto Day is a global holiday, after all. No school baby!

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