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Star Wars Rebels Finale (AKA Four Year Preview For New Series)


It’s over, and I’m sad…Star Wars Rebels wasn’t better.

Rebels wasn’t the worst show ever, but being set in the Star Wars universe I had high expectations that weren’t met. The overall story was good. Season premieres and finales were nice and there were good episodes scattered in-between. But, so much of Star Wars Rebels felt mediocre. I watched because it was a Star Wars show more than anything else. That said, I’m glad I watched it but I’ll never watch the entire series again, just YouTube clips of favorite scenes.

Now, about that finale.

Honestly, wasn’t expecting much. My main reason watching was seeing how they wrap up Erza and Thrawn, two characters, by continuity standards, shouldn’t play an active role in the original trilogy. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a good solution, taking them off the board (and out the galaxy) until after the Battle of Endor. From there, Disney is free to go nuts with the two and Ahsoka, another fan favorite too popular to die on a kid’s show.

Sabine spent all or most her time protecting Lothal, I’m cool with that

We knew Hera and Chopper were surviving, thanks to Rogue One and Forces of Destiny, passed Battle of Endor. No problems there. Oh? Hera’s got a kid and Kanan’s the father, how sweet.

What the hell, show!

No, you don’t. No. You. Do. Not!

Are you telling me Kanan and Hera were having sex but you played off their relationship as if they never got to first base? No! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t make it seem like they never been in a romantic relationship then have Hera pop out a kid. What? Did neither bother telling the other their feelings between orgasms? Did Kanan hit it from the back so he didn’t have to kiss her? If Hera having a kid (and new force character in the Star Wars universe) was your plan all along then have them develop a relationship onscreen. Have them hook up and deal being a couple fighting a war where both could die at any moment. That’s compelling. That’s interesting. And, it makes sense for Hera to be pregnant during the series finale.

Nope. Took the easy path instead. Very disappointed.

But, that’s not the only perplexing scene in Rebels. Zeb and Kallus go to his people’s new planet. And, according to Sabine, Kallus is forgiven for his past deeds and offered to join the Lasat on their new home. How sweet!

The fuck?

Excuse my French but didn’t that guy try to commit genocide? Okay, the Lasat survived. Good! Guess what? You don’t get a medal for falling to murder an entire species! Maybe they found it in their heart to forgive Kallus. But, invite to live with them? Seriously? Maybe I’m just an unforgiving, heartless bastard, but that type of thinking scares the crap out of me. That people can do the most horrific things and be forgiven because they’re sorry later on. Screw that Hera, er, garbage. Kallus needed to die. Either as a villain or part of some redemption arc as a rebel. That really pissed me off.

Other than Preggers Hera and Callus McLived, no real problems with the finale. What about Ahsoka, you ask? Again, Disney isn’t killing such a popular character on a kids show. I’m happy she’s alive. I like Ahsoka and hope she gets to meet Luke and Erza again.

The big question is will I watch the next animated series? I slopped through Star Wars Rebels but I don’t think I have it in me to do it again. Unless I hear it’s beyond amazing with double cheese, I’ll stick watching pieces here and there. May the Force be with YouTube highlight clips!

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