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Gentle and La Brava, The Perfect Tragedy (MHA)


La Brava and Gentle. Gentle and La Brava. My Hero Academia’s villainous power couple. This week’s chapter we saw the two’s detailed plan for infiltrating UA Academy. They look so happy together.

…Gentle’s gonna die, isn’t he?

First thing’s first, their plan will probably go in the crapper because they explained it and you NEVER explain your plan in detail first. RIP Plan. I’d say there’s a good chance our Dynamic Duo will run into Momo or some other student from UA at the tea shop. Well, I’m sure they’ll figure something out and make it to the academy, albeit with more setbacks than first thought.

There’s a bigger issue concerning Gentle and La Brava. Chances are one or both of them is getting captured at the end of the arc. I just don’t see him escaping the academy.  At this point, I’m unsure if Gentle himself planned an escape. Attacking a superhero school is basically villain suicide, Gentle must know that. So why?

This is his final act to help society.

Gentle’s goofy but he’s no fool. He knows villains, the evil kind, are gaining traction. The best thing he can do is give hope and inspiration to future heroes for his final performance. Gentle’s going out in a blaze of glory.

But what about La Brava? Will Gentle doom his friend and partner to rot behind bars alongside him? Nope. I think Gentle’s got La Brava’s escape planned out. He’ll help or order her to escape, giving some excuse she’s the only one able to upload the criminal’s final performance.

Yep. And arrested, behind bars, Gentle will get the reconition (and views) he always wanted. The End.

…Or, is it?

Will La Brava let her dear Gentle rot in prison? Especially when she learns he’s been sent to Tartarus? Dun Dun Dun!

That’s right, folks. Anyone able to break in UA Academy on high alert won’t be sent to some ma and pop low security prison. Gentle’s on the fast train to Tartarus and it’s up to La Brava to save him. La Brava—and the League of Villains.

Dun Dun Dun x2!

You don’t really think someone breaking in UA Academy won’t peak Shigaraki’s interest? He’ll want the scoop on that story, and once he learns La Brava is talented enough to hack UA’s security system it’s time for a meet and greet.

But, La Brava won’t work with the likes of them, right? She will if they’re her only ticket to Gentle. La Brava’s got the brains but she’ll need muscle for a successful breakout. It’s a win-win situation. Unless, the League double crosses her.

So, that’s how I think it’ll go down. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Gentle AND La Brava will stir-up trouble then peace out and live happily ever after. Who knows? But, if it goes the why I predict I want a cookie!

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