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Hipster Hotline: Mech Cadet Yu (comic)


A boy and his mech. A classic. Maybe too classic.

Mech Cadet Yu is a comic series about Yu Standford, a janitor working with his mother at a military academy where–somehow–sentient mechs regularly appear and choose a human partner. Why? Heck if I know, but it’s science fiction, don’t ask questions. As you guessed, a mech chooses Yu and…and…and isn’t it pretty convenient the mechs have human-sized cockpits? And just what the hell do these thinking robots need human pilots for? Does Optimus Prime need a driver to–NO! No! Don’t go down the rabbit hole, Red. Just…let it go. Science fiction.

Questions aside, I like this series. Reminds me of Robotech mixed with Gundam. Definitely inspired by those or similar stories. The main character, Yu, is likable. His mom is fantastic, probably my favorite character, but the Chief engineer is up there too. If you’re familiar with these type of stories, you know Yu has an asshole rival and Park fits the bill. She, yes, she (and no romantic BS, the girl’s an elitist jerk) does the classic crap you expect, but she does get humanizing moments that keep her from being a walking parody. She’s the most interesting of the cadets. Yu is a good kid, but he’s your standard optimistic nice guy. Want more development from him and at least he later gets information that dents his ideas what a hero is.

Sanchez and Olivetti round out the squad. They’re window dressing. Basic as can be. They need development, stat.

The worst thing I can say is I wish more characters had layers. I don’t hate anyone expect the evil military people (shocked?) and the monster bugs, but I want more character dynamics and interactions. Give me some Park and Sanchez alone talk. Yu and Olivetti moments. I want them not just doing stuff around each other but forming genuine bonds. I’m more interested in the mechs than most the human cast. Also, start answering questions, comic. I’m getting less and less patient with stories all about piling up mysterious questions without at least hinting at answers. Lay down some cards, we ain’t playing poker here.

Mech Cadet Yu is pretty by the books in terms of plot, but the sparks for greatness are there. Make the characters more interesting and watch it fly. Veee!

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Hipster Hotline: Ash VS Evil Dead


Finally caught up on Ash VS Evil Dead’s third season. I go to make the fan discussion rounds and learn Starz canceled the show. What the what!?

Ash VS Evil Dead continues the adventures of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movies. Ash Williams, along with, fellow Ghostbeaters Kelly and Pablo, fight the forces of evil from turning the world into hell on Earth. What makes AVED great is its perfect balance of horror and comedy. The two genres are hard to combine, usually resulting in one vastly over-powering the other or creating a horror/comedy mish-mash without a spark. AVED does horror/comedy right. That alone is worth the price of admission.

I’m saddened but, can’t say I’m not completely surprised. But, I sure didn’t think it’d get canceled now. Maybe the fourth or fifth season, yeah, but the show is currently running on all cylinders. For goodness sake, Lucy Lawless is part of the cast! That automatically ups the awesome to infinity. But, yeah, while great, AVED doesn’t get the promotion other shows get. At least, I’ve never seen ads or promos for it. I happened to stumble across learning season three was airing. Starz dropped, smashed, and buried the ball in the promotion department, in my opinion.

Worse yet, Bruce Campbell decided to retire the character after the announcement. So, no moving to Netflix or another network. Sucks.

Well, maybe Bruce will change his mind, but who knows. Right now, once the third season finale (now series finale) releases, Ash VS Evil Dead is…dead. In the mood for over-the-top gore and a big helping of fun? Watch Ash VS Evil Dead. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t watched the movies.

…What? I’ve seen YouTube clips. Don’t judge me!

Sidenote: Shout outs to Kelly and Pablo. I’m impressed how much their characters grew on me.



Eiichiro Oda Manga One Piece

Sour Commander Smoothie? A One Piece Rant.


One Piece Theorists. People, fans, in love with One Piece so much they can’t help but talk and theorize the snot out the pirate series. I put myself in that category, even if I don’t talk about it often here. Mostly because I’ve fallen out of love with One Piece. I like it a LOT, but if I had to talk about it constantly I’ll only be complaining and I don’t want that. Well, I don’t want that all the time.

I love listening/reading (thought-provoking) One Piece opinions and theories though. Mostly in forums but do subscribe to some One Piece theory YouTube channels (The ones that don’t put a freaking spoiler thumbnail in reviews. I hate that!). And boy, did one of them tick me off today. I wasn’t going to link to his video, but considering a few at most read anything I say it doesn’t matter. Plus, while I disagree with Joy Boy, I’m still subscribed and mature enough not to do otherwise because his opinion differs about a Japanese pirate comic series. I got 99 problems and Joy Boy ain’t one. Seriously, check out his videos.

Joy Boy’s Smoothie video outlines his opinions on her and Smoothie haters. Again, nothing world breaking. I’m not so much upset as disappointed with Joy Boy. I respect his opinion, but it seems he’s taking a wishy-washy stance on Smoothie’s role in Big Mom’s arc. He acknowledges she hasn’t lived up to her Sweet Commander title but throws it back at fans. We didn’t give Smoothie the title of one of the most powerful Big Mom Pirates crew members. We didn’t draw Smoothie hardly doing anything of importance throughout the entire arc. There is nothing Smoothie did, baring her devil fruit powers, that couldn’t be done by anyone else. She wasn’t a Sweet Commander. She was a lackey. A grunt.

Manga One Piece

Big Mom VS Beyonce (One Piece 902)


Screw you, Big Mom. You just can’t let the Irreplaceable Beyonce enjoy her success? Last Saturday, Beyonce headlined Coachella to rave reviews. It was an event that’ll go down in history. …And here comes Big Mom, Drunk in Love—and food—, stealing Queen B’s thunder.


Life or Treat, Beyonce!

Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Weekend 1, Indio, USA - 15 Apr 2018

Sweet Dreams, Big Mom!

Manga My Hero Academia

Gentle Is Not A Villain (My Hero Academia 180)


Love? Not on our watch!

He’s selfish, but not a villain.

Gentle and La Brava’s reign of inconvenience is over. U.A. found them, but instead of putting up a fight they most likely couldn’t win (Gentle was already spent fighting Deku), they surrendered. What does that mean for the two? First things first, this won’t be the last time we see the duo. Horikoshi’s spent too much time and developed their characters too much to throw them away. Funny, I say that because I wanted more Gentle and La Brava backstory.

It’s never clear how Gentle became such a competent “villain”. He meticulously plans every situation, he’s mastered his quirk. Why can’t he be a hero? Was his screw-up trying to save the window washer too heinous? Do people need perfect records to become a hero? Clearly, Gentle has the talent to be a hero, what happened? Several things. The first:

Gentle’s hero school was shitty.


Literally Chillin’ Like A Villain (X-Men Gold #25)


Been a while since I read X-Men comics. Used to devour them but I had my fill and moved on. Years later, I’m back! For how long? Heck if I know.

Okay, so Marvel’s putting out X-Men Red, Blue, and Gold. X-Men Red #1 was my true return, not bad. Plus, I started at issue one so not totally confused. X-Men Blue #25 wasn’t too confusing but was the least interesting because of it. Why do all evil supervillain women never wear shirts? Time for X-Men Gold #25. Let’s read along together.

First, I like the art. Really pulled me in. Again, I don’t know what’s happening but I like it! Probably because it’s a fight issue. A big fight issue with lots of X-Men kicking X-Ass. See, Storm and others are in prison and a god is attacking France and BAM BOOM POW I’m having fun.

Kitty Pride is the team leader? I can dig it. Her and Colossus are engaged? Wow! To quote Wolverine “About time.” Ink is back. Thought he was stuck in Too Many X-Men Hell. Hope to see more from him. Oh! It’s Armor! I love—Whoa! She had a growth spurt. Come on, comic. You can’t give her an original costume? Ink, I understand, but it’s freaking Armor. Put some respect on her barely legal name.

Pyro’s an X-Man now? Just as shocked as Nightcrawler and Kitty Pride. Storm has a magic hammer? Whaaaaaaa? Oh, well, it’s comics. Cool looking costume though. Fighty-fight. Fighty-fight. Good art. Loving it. They won! Great job everyone. …Who’s the lady wearing shorts? Good job to you too, I guess.

X-Men Gold00

…Really, comic? I got no idea who this person is, but she’s relaxing in a big house at night in front of the fireplace in a robe HOLDING A GLASS OF WINE. Yeah, she’s freaking evil. I get it. What? Did the pencilers not have enough panels to draw her stroking a white cat?

Anyway, she’s setting in for the night but still has on lipstick. Gotta look good talking to her sentinel guest. Uh-oh, what are they planning?

Fun. Great action, great art. Don’t know what’s happening, but I’ll at least try to keep reading up to Kitty and Peter’s wedding. Unless one of them dies. Dun Dun Duuuuuun!

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Hipster Hotline: International Waters (podcast)


You like podcasts? I like podcasts. Something fun to do while I’m ignoring the world around me. Good stuff.

International Waters is a comedy “game show” podcast hosted by Dave Holmes. Two teams (one United Kingdom, one United States) battle it out to find out whose country is best. …Yeah, actually its an excuse to get funny people to answer pop culture questions and play fun games. And, it’s awesome!

Best part is a lot of the guests are people I haven’t heard of, so I can look up and enjoy their previous work. It’s a funny podcast with a fun host. Want to laugh? Got some traveling to do? Give it a listen.

Manga One Piece

Water You Doing, Jinbe? (One Piece 901)


Oh! Oda’s doing the fan request cover pages with the Strawhats starting with Nami—no, that’s not Nami. Damn, Oda. You don’t give a damn about female faces.

Let’s talk about Jinbe. Much as I love the guy, I’m glad he’s staying behind if for no other reason battling a Yonkou on their home turf requires sacrifice. And, I’ll give Oda points for Luffy ordering him not to die and reunite at Wano. It’s gonna be a tough fight but he’ll make it there. But, it looks like once the Strawhats escape Totto Land we won’t know their allies fates until much later or through a cover story.

Not just talking about Jinbe and the Sun Pirates here. The Firetank Pirates have to escape, and well as…shitty Germa 66. Doubtful Oda will let Sanji’s family die off-screen, not matter how much I bribe him (peanut butter M&Ms are one of Oda’s weaknesses, in case you didn’t know). I’d guess a cover story during the Reverie will wrap things up for Team Jinbe and friends…and Germa.

Sanji said the cake would make Big Mom faint—and it did. For a couple minutes at best. Go Sanji!? For a second, I thought Big Mom would be grateful but, hey, she’s not a pirate for nothing. She’s full of cake and assholes. Big Mom’s got her sights on Luffy’s soul, and a fresh batch of homies powered by it. Let’s see—the Thousand Sunny is wreaked, Luffy’s in no shape to fight, and Sanji’s barely in the chapter. Me thinks Sanji’s giving Big Mom a final goodbye treat to stall her long enough to escape. Or, he could fight Oven but that’s too badass. Oda won’t like it.

Look, not like I’m hating on Sanji’s cooking but I could’ve givin’ Big Mom the same bliss with a Hostess cupcake dipped in queso. Big Mom’s eating a big bowl of F.U. and the crew’s middle fingers before this arc ends.

Guess I should talk about the fake out, but come on. Thousand Sunny wasn’t blowing up. That’s like expecting Sanji to never find All Blue. Question was always how’d they escape…and I’m fine with it. Certainly didn’t see Wadatsumi saving them coming. Good chapter. Looking forward to Germa 66’s death next chapter (Fedex’d a crate of M&Ms yesterday).

Hunter x Hunter Manga Meet The Geek

Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi Returns (Hunter X Hunter)


The Earth revolves around the sun. The sky is blue. Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus. I sat down with Togashi once again to talk just how long we’ll be waiting and how guilty he feels about it.

Redgeek: Alright, Togashi. What’s the excuse this time?
Togashi: Narcotics.
Redgeek: Togaaaaaashiii…
Togashi: Far Cry 5, Avenger Infinity War, and I’m trying to speed run Pokemon Ultra Moon. Good times.
Redgeek: What about your Hunter X Hunter fans? Aren’t you tired disappointing them?
Togashi: Don’t worry, Red. Hunter X Hunter WILL return next week.
Redgeek: Great.
Togashi: Or, later this year.
Redgeek: Really?
Togashi: Next year, tops.
Redgeek: What?
Togashi: 2020 only if my D&D character doesn’t die, promise.
Redgeek: You know, at this rate the current arc won’t end until—no, it won’t end. Period.
Togashi: Hey! Don’t jinx it! I got back problems. Gaming and D&D and sunbathing and podcasting soothes the horrific pain.
Redgeek: Guess I and your audience have no choice but hope you get better enough to work.
Togashi: Joining my Pateron won’t hurt either.
Redgeek: What!
Togashi: Give two-thousand yen a month and get a free Hunter X Hunter poster and access to my podcast a week early. Cool, huh?
Redgeek: What the hell’s this podcast about? Drawing?
Togashi: No, cooking.
Redgeek: I-I don’t…I’m leaving.
Togashi: Say bye to my Twitch chat before you go!
Redgeek: What the— I’m so telling your editor.


Sexism in Anime/Manga, I Figured It Out


We all know anime and manga has problems concerning the female image. I was reading a new manga series in Viz’s Shonen Jump called Noah’s Notes where the girl character had pink hair (of course), big breasts (complete with cleavage), and a short school girl skirt (with plenty of up-skirt shots of her ass). No underwear, just ass. Either she doesn’t wear any or she wears a g-string. She’s basically a thirteen year old boy’s wet dream. That got me thinking.

I can go on a rant about women being treating like sex objects and that it should stop, but I won’t. Maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t stop! I propose an idea:

Create anime/manga studios, companies, and the like with the sole purpose of creating male objectified properties.

No, I’m not talking “girl’s anime or manga”. I’m talking the same types of series aimed at males with mostly female characters and a focus on buff guys with big dicks.

Here me out.