Sexism in Anime/Manga, I Figured It Out


We all know anime and manga has problems concerning the female image. I was reading a new manga series in Viz’s Shonen Jump called Noah’s Notes where the girl character had pink hair (of course), big breasts (complete with cleavage), and a short school girl skirt (with plenty of up-skirt shots of her ass). No underwear, just ass. Either she doesn’t wear any or she wears a g-string. She’s basically a thirteen year old boy’s wet dream. That got me thinking.

I can go on a rant about women being treating like sex objects and that it should stop, but I won’t. Maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t stop! I propose an idea:

Create anime/manga studios, companies, and the like with the sole purpose of creating male objectified properties.

No, I’m not talking “girl’s anime or manga”. I’m talking the same types of series aimed at males with mostly female characters and a focus on buff guys with big dicks.

Here me out.

For example, Noah’s notes. A story about the world mysteriously destroyed and begun anew. I say, make a similar story but make Noah a female character and make the sexy schoolgirl a sexy schoolboy instead with tight pants that outlines his big dick.

How about One Piece? A great series but almost every woman wears short skirts or dresses because, why not. Well then, make a mostly female pirate series where any male characters are super attractive and wear shorts or speedos with big bulges.

See, that’s the key—bulges. That’s where you hit the male ego. Handsome guys, okay. Buff dudes, little intimating, but not too bad. Have EVERY male character with a big bulge and women drooling over big huge dicks, kapow! Game over!


And, as a bonus, give ninety-nine percent of the male characters red hair and/or red clothes. Because males should only be identified wearing red.

Don’t forget the dick jokes. Pants accidentally falling. Women dissing small dick guys. And, plenty, I repeat, plenty of small dick guys jealous of their more popular endowed co-stars. Make guys feel so inadequate they won’t dare leave the house in anything other than MC Hammer pants.

Will doing all this solve the problem? Maybe, maybe not. But, it always helps when those in advantageous positions experience similar hardships as others. And, yes, this applies to western comics and movies too. More big dick actors showing their goods on the BIG screen will guarantee things will change. Society has gone to great lengths classifying male genitalia as gross and nasty, giving males a reason not to show it. Not anymore! Put big dicks in movies and see how far the tears fall.


So, start a kickstarter or call some rich women and guys who want change. Let’s put more dicks in media. The bigger, the better. Let’s flesh pistol whip every guy that feels it’s their right women must have big breasts and ass in media. In a couple years, they’ll be so busy using penis pumps they won’t notice the decline of women objectification.

Gonna take hard work and lots of stiff…upper lips, but we can make it happen.

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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