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Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi Returns (Hunter X Hunter)


The Earth revolves around the sun. The sky is blue. Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus. I sat down with Togashi once again to talk just how long we’ll be waiting and how guilty he feels about it.

Redgeek: Alright, Togashi. What’s the excuse this time?
Togashi: Narcotics.
Redgeek: Togaaaaaashiii…
Togashi: Far Cry 5, Avenger Infinity War, and I’m trying to speed run Pokemon Ultra Moon. Good times.
Redgeek: What about your Hunter X Hunter fans? Aren’t you tired disappointing them?
Togashi: Don’t worry, Red. Hunter X Hunter WILL return next week.
Redgeek: Great.
Togashi: Or, later this year.
Redgeek: Really?
Togashi: Next year, tops.
Redgeek: What?
Togashi: 2020 only if my D&D character doesn’t die, promise.
Redgeek: You know, at this rate the current arc won’t end until—no, it won’t end. Period.
Togashi: Hey! Don’t jinx it! I got back problems. Gaming and D&D and sunbathing and podcasting soothes the horrific pain.
Redgeek: Guess I and your audience have no choice but hope you get better enough to work.
Togashi: Joining my Pateron won’t hurt either.
Redgeek: What!
Togashi: Give two-thousand yen a month and get a free Hunter X Hunter poster and access to my podcast a week early. Cool, huh?
Redgeek: What the hell’s this podcast about? Drawing?
Togashi: No, cooking.
Redgeek: I-I don’t…I’m leaving.
Togashi: Say bye to my Twitch chat before you go!
Redgeek: What the— I’m so telling your editor.

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A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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