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Water You Doing, Jinbe? (One Piece 901)


Oh! Oda’s doing the fan request cover pages with the Strawhats starting with Nami—no, that’s not Nami. Damn, Oda. You don’t give a damn about female faces.

Let’s talk about Jinbe. Much as I love the guy, I’m glad he’s staying behind if for no other reason battling a Yonkou on their home turf requires sacrifice. And, I’ll give Oda points for Luffy ordering him not to die and reunite at Wano. It’s gonna be a tough fight but he’ll make it there. But, it looks like once the Strawhats escape Totto Land we won’t know their allies fates until much later or through a cover story.

Not just talking about Jinbe and the Sun Pirates here. The Firetank Pirates have to escape, and well as…shitty Germa 66. Doubtful Oda will let Sanji’s family die off-screen, not matter how much I bribe him (peanut butter M&Ms are one of Oda’s weaknesses, in case you didn’t know). I’d guess a cover story during the Reverie will wrap things up for Team Jinbe and friends…and Germa.

Sanji said the cake would make Big Mom faint—and it did. For a couple minutes at best. Go Sanji!? For a second, I thought Big Mom would be grateful but, hey, she’s not a pirate for nothing. She’s full of cake and assholes. Big Mom’s got her sights on Luffy’s soul, and a fresh batch of homies powered by it. Let’s see—the Thousand Sunny is wreaked, Luffy’s in no shape to fight, and Sanji’s barely in the chapter. Me thinks Sanji’s giving Big Mom a final goodbye treat to stall her long enough to escape. Or, he could fight Oven but that’s too badass. Oda won’t like it.

Look, not like I’m hating on Sanji’s cooking but I could’ve givin’ Big Mom the same bliss with a Hostess cupcake dipped in queso. Big Mom’s eating a big bowl of F.U. and the crew’s middle fingers before this arc ends.

Guess I should talk about the fake out, but come on. Thousand Sunny wasn’t blowing up. That’s like expecting Sanji to never find All Blue. Question was always how’d they escape…and I’m fine with it. Certainly didn’t see Wadatsumi saving them coming. Good chapter. Looking forward to Germa 66’s death next chapter (Fedex’d a crate of M&Ms yesterday).

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