Literally Chillin’ Like A Villain (X-Men Gold #25)


Been a while since I read X-Men comics. Used to devour them but I had my fill and moved on. Years later, I’m back! For how long? Heck if I know.

Okay, so Marvel’s putting out X-Men Red, Blue, and Gold. X-Men Red #1 was my true return, not bad. Plus, I started at issue one so not totally confused. X-Men Blue #25 wasn’t too confusing but was the least interesting because of it. Why do all evil supervillain women never wear shirts? Time for X-Men Gold #25. Let’s read along together.

First, I like the art. Really pulled me in. Again, I don’t know what’s happening but I like it! Probably because it’s a fight issue. A big fight issue with lots of X-Men kicking X-Ass. See, Storm and others are in prison and a god is attacking France and BAM BOOM POW I’m having fun.

Kitty Pride is the team leader? I can dig it. Her and Colossus are engaged? Wow! To quote Wolverine “About time.” Ink is back. Thought he was stuck in Too Many X-Men Hell. Hope to see more from him. Oh! It’s Armor! I love—Whoa! She had a growth spurt. Come on, comic. You can’t give her an original costume? Ink, I understand, but it’s freaking Armor. Put some respect on her barely legal name.

Pyro’s an X-Man now? Just as shocked as Nightcrawler and Kitty Pride. Storm has a magic hammer? Whaaaaaaa? Oh, well, it’s comics. Cool looking costume though. Fighty-fight. Fighty-fight. Good art. Loving it. They won! Great job everyone. …Who’s the lady wearing shorts? Good job to you too, I guess.

X-Men Gold00

…Really, comic? I got no idea who this person is, but she’s relaxing in a big house at night in front of the fireplace in a robe HOLDING A GLASS OF WINE. Yeah, she’s freaking evil. I get it. What? Did the pencilers not have enough panels to draw her stroking a white cat?

Anyway, she’s setting in for the night but still has on lipstick. Gotta look good talking to her sentinel guest. Uh-oh, what are they planning?

Fun. Great action, great art. Don’t know what’s happening, but I’ll at least try to keep reading up to Kitty and Peter’s wedding. Unless one of them dies. Dun Dun Duuuuuun!

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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