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Big Mom VS Beyonce (One Piece 902)


Screw you, Big Mom. You just can’t let the Irreplaceable Beyonce enjoy her success? Last Saturday, Beyonce headlined Coachella to rave reviews. It was an event that’ll go down in history. …And here comes Big Mom, Drunk in Love—and food—, stealing Queen B’s thunder.


Life or Treat, Beyonce!

Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Weekend 1, Indio, USA - 15 Apr 2018

Sweet Dreams, Big Mom!

The leader of Totto Land and her wack homies spent the entire chapter performing to a literally captured audience consisting of Jinbe, the Sun Pirates, and Germa 66. The nerve! Does Big Mom think her singing flowers and cupcakes compare to a marching band? Somebody must’ve spiked your cookies, Miss Linlin because you don’t Run the World.


Your Majesty!

And why is she forcing Jinbe to listen to her “music”? She knows damn well the former Warlord founded Fishman Island’s BeyHive charter. He was humming Single Ladies last chapter for Enel’s sake!


Get on the Bus, Linlin.

Well, Beyonce isn’t backing down. Sources say next chapter will mark Sasha Fierce’s debut appearance in One Piece along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. That’s right, Destiny’s Child are Jumpin’ Jumpin’ at the chance to give Big Mom a Bootylicious roundhouse kick in the pop charts. No No No, Big Mom. It’s too late. Survivor, you are not.

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