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Gentle Is Not A Villain (My Hero Academia 180)


Love? Not on our watch!

He’s selfish, but not a villain.

Gentle and La Brava’s reign of inconvenience is over. U.A. found them, but instead of putting up a fight they most likely couldn’t win (Gentle was already spent fighting Deku), they surrendered. What does that mean for the two? First things first, this won’t be the last time we see the duo. Horikoshi’s spent too much time and developed their characters too much to throw them away. Funny, I say that because I wanted more Gentle and La Brava backstory.

It’s never clear how Gentle became such a competent “villain”. He meticulously plans every situation, he’s mastered his quirk. Why can’t he be a hero? Was his screw-up trying to save the window washer too heinous? Do people need perfect records to become a hero? Clearly, Gentle has the talent to be a hero, what happened? Several things. The first:

Gentle’s hero school was shitty.

Gentle has the drive to be a hero in his flashback, but he failed a grade and the hero exam four times. I think his school lacked the resources to train students below standard academic level and fully prepare students for hero exams. If you suck at studying, fine. I get it. But, they lacked the skills to bring out Gentle’s quirk potential. They had no Nedzu or Aizawa or Wild, Wild Pussycats to push him beyond limits. He hit a wall and no one showed him how to get over it.

Gentle had no mentor.

Like Deku and All Might, if Gentle had a hero backing him up he’d be saving people out burning buildings and punching Shigaraki in the hand right now. Again, Gentle doesn’t lack the quirk or mind, he lacked experience and skill. A mentor would’ve helped him even if his school was garbage. Hell, if Deku never met All Might, I can see him using illegal high-tech to become a vigilante.

Gentle had lousy parents.

Are they upset because their son failed to achieve his dream or upset because he made them look bad? I think the latter. Would Inko throw a phone at Deku if he tried to save someone and failed? Gentle had crappy parents, the kind of people who love you when you’re doing good, but the moment things fall apart, fuck you! No need to RSVP Gentle and La Brava’s wedding, you assholes ain’t invited.

Yep. Poor Gentle is what Deku could’ve been. “But, Gentle is selfish, remember?” you say. Yeah, but he’s not an asshole. Mineta, Mount Lady, are you telling me they deserve to be heroes but not Gentle? He’s exposing corrupt business, showing the ugly side of society and what does he get? Tell you what he doesn’t get, YouTube views.

You know what Gentle is? He’s an editorial reporter in a reaction video world. He’s trying to expose the truth, show the world you don’t have to be a hero to do good, but all everyone wants to see is someone getting their ass kicked. Bet if Gentle didn’t edit out his fights or run away he and La Brava would be the Game Grumps of vigilantes. Gentle didn’t fail. The world failed Gentle.

But, despite all that, at least he found love.
…And, now they’re going to be separated and jailed. Thanks, Deku. Jerk.

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