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Hipster Hotline: Ash VS Evil Dead


Finally caught up on Ash VS Evil Dead’s third season. I go to make the fan discussion rounds and learn Starz canceled the show. What the what!?

Ash VS Evil Dead continues the adventures of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movies. Ash Williams, along with, fellow Ghostbeaters Kelly and Pablo, fight the forces of evil from turning the world into hell on Earth. What makes AVED great is its perfect balance of horror and comedy. The two genres are hard to combine, usually resulting in one vastly over-powering the other or creating a horror/comedy mish-mash without a spark. AVED does horror/comedy right. That alone is worth the price of admission.

I’m saddened but, can’t say I’m not completely surprised. But, I sure didn’t think it’d get canceled now. Maybe the fourth or fifth season, yeah, but the show is currently running on all cylinders. For goodness sake, Lucy Lawless is part of the cast! That automatically ups the awesome to infinity. But, yeah, while great, AVED doesn’t get the promotion other shows get. At least, I’ve never seen ads or promos for it. I happened to stumble across learning season three was airing. Starz dropped, smashed, and buried the ball in the promotion department, in my opinion.

Worse yet, Bruce Campbell decided to retire the character after the announcement. So, no moving to Netflix or another network. Sucks.

Well, maybe Bruce will change his mind, but who knows. Right now, once the third season finale (now series finale) releases, Ash VS Evil Dead is…dead. In the mood for over-the-top gore and a big helping of fun? Watch Ash VS Evil Dead. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t watched the movies.

…What? I’ve seen YouTube clips. Don’t judge me!

Sidenote: Shout outs to Kelly and Pablo. I’m impressed how much their characters grew on me.



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