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Hipster Hotline: Mech Cadet Yu (comic)


A boy and his mech. A classic. Maybe too classic.

Mech Cadet Yu is a comic series about Yu Standford, a janitor working with his mother at a military academy where–somehow–sentient mechs regularly appear and choose a human partner. Why? Heck if I know, but it’s science fiction, don’t ask questions. As you guessed, a mech chooses Yu and…and…and isn’t it pretty convenient the mechs have human-sized cockpits? And just what the hell do these thinking robots need human pilots for? Does Optimus Prime need a driver to–NO! No! Don’t go down the rabbit hole, Red. Just…let it go. Science fiction.

Questions aside, I like this series. Reminds me of Robotech mixed with Gundam. Definitely inspired by those or similar stories. The main character, Yu, is likable. His mom is fantastic, probably my favorite character, but the Chief engineer is up there too. If you’re familiar with these type of stories, you know Yu has an asshole rival and Park fits the bill. She, yes, she (and no romantic BS, the girl’s an elitist jerk) does the classic crap you expect, but she does get humanizing moments that keep her from being a walking parody. She’s the most interesting of the cadets. Yu is a good kid, but he’s your standard optimistic nice guy. Want more development from him and at least he later gets information that dents his ideas what a hero is.

Sanchez and Olivetti round out the squad. They’re window dressing. Basic as can be. They need development, stat.

The worst thing I can say is I wish more characters had layers. I don’t hate anyone expect the evil military people (shocked?) and the monster bugs, but I want more character dynamics and interactions. Give me some Park and Sanchez alone talk. Yu and Olivetti moments. I want them not just doing stuff around each other but forming genuine bonds. I’m more interested in the mechs than most the human cast. Also, start answering questions, comic. I’m getting less and less patient with stories all about piling up mysterious questions without at least hinting at answers. Lay down some cards, we ain’t playing poker here.

Mech Cadet Yu is pretty by the books in terms of plot, but the sparks for greatness are there. Make the characters more interesting and watch it fly. Veee!

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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