Wakfu Wakview: Season 3 Episode 1


Good old Wakfu. I watched every season except the lasted, but I finally have time to get on it. Wakfu, in case you don’t know (and you probably don’t), is a French animated series based on the MMORPG with the same name. Translation: It’s French anime. Seriously, that what it is. Seasons one and two were fantastic. The OVAs are okay. Not bad, but its less character development, more fighty-fight. And even that includes only two of the main characters. My faith in the series waned but here we are. I’m ready to continue watching the story of the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Such a hipster name, love it!

Episode one set the season up nicely. A standard slow starter with viewers checking in on the Brotherhood. Evangelyne and Percedal are still doing the family thing. And, Eva is pregnant with their third child. That’s nice, I guess. Question: How old is Yugo? Because the Brotherhood meet when Yugo was twelve if I remember, and the kid looks maybe three years older tops. Eva and Percey’s oldest kid looks at least eight— and that’s being generous.

Please pass the sarcasm.

We check-in with Amalia, another member of the Tofu and the princess of Sadidas Kingdom. She was about fourteen in season one and she looks barely a couple years older. Guess everyone takes fish oil pills.

Continuing, Rubilax, a demon sword, reveals he saw Eva and Percey have rule 34 once. Honestly, that’s the second best moment of the episode. You just KNOW Eva married Percey because A.) He’s funny and B.) He’s a sword master (winky-wink). Our last Tofus, Yugo and Ruel, are looking for Yugo’s dragon brother, Adamai. And, yes, they’re biological brothers. Welcome to the world of Wakfu! Turns out, Adamai was so upset over him and Yugo’s fight during the OVA he decided to hit puberty first just to spike Yugo then whip his friend’s ass. See, Yugo and Adamai fought over a Dofus in the OVA—they’re magical eggs AKA the Infinity Stones/Gems of Wakfu—to save Percey, I think. Been a while.

Anyway, he’s pissy about it and used the Eliatrope infinity gems to turn his compassion into dust. Look Adamai, be an ass, but don’t be a dick. You wanna kidnap Eva and Percey’s kids for some unknown reason, fine. But, don’t go through all the trouble using a spy and henchmen when you could’ve done it all yourself. You have the Elilotrope dofus. You know the family. Visit, give everyone cupcakes laced with a sleeping potion and move on. But, no. You gotta blow up the house and have a big awesome fight. Oh well, we’ll have to enjoy it.

The world’s last Evanescence super fan.

Since it’s episode one, Adamai wins, but Percey and his daughter escape. Thanos, you are not, Addy. Overall, a good start to the season. Zero to one-hundred in terms of action, but that’s not surprising. Wakfu never wasted much time getting to the main plot. The art is great. Wakfu doesn’t skimp on art and this season’s no exception. In the past, the seasons were over twenty episodes but season three has thirteen. I’m assuming that means fewer filler episodes and I’m okay with it, even if most of Wakfu’s filler was awesome.

Looking forward to watching more.


Sidenote: If Yugo and Amalia don’t kiss or at least freaking reveal their attraction to each other I’ll scream. Maybe she’s waiting for Yugo’s…portals to drop.

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