Darkwing Duck in Ducktales, For Real? Who Cares, Let’s Talk About Negaduck!


Ducktales’ latest episode, Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System! featured a one minute cold open set in St. Canard. Yes, my friends, we got the see Darkwing Duck in Ducktales…as a TV show.

Don’t misunderstand, I LOVED every second of Darkwing. My brain almost imploded! But, why a TV show? I get it, mostly. It’s a way to make Darkwing Duck Launchpad’s hero. And it worked. We now know Launchpad’s a crash manic because of Darkwing’s motto: Let’s get dangerous. I love it, and I love the episode. It has Fenton and Gizmoduck’s introduction into the reboot universe, that’s an instant ten across the board. But what about my Darkwing Duck spin-off? How will they pull it off?

Yes, I said how not if. No freaking way the showrunners closed the door on a Disney Channel Darkwing Duck TV show. He’s the most likely character to spin-off from Ducktales. My guess? An alternate universe. Yeah, it’s convoluted (have Darkwing being real makes more sense, but what you gonna do?). See, Gyro makes a dimensional portal and voila! Launchpad can visit St. Canard anytime he wants.

But…is there a simpler excuse? Could it all be real? Could we see a Darkwing Jr. fighting new villains? Or maybe Darkwing and his main villains got caught up in a huge fight near an experimental machine and now they’re in the present. Who knows, but there has to be a way. Darkwing Duck is real, damn it, and I won’t rest until his reboot is announced! Well, maybe a little power nap. But, before I go…


Can we talk about Negaduck?
Who’s Negaduck? Only one of the greatest Disney animated villains ever—and I’m including the Disney movies. Better than Jafar. Better than Scar. Even, better than Cruella—okay, not her, but you get my drift. Negaduck is an evil version of Darkwing Duck? How? Why? We don’t know. There have been multiple origins for the character in the original cartoon. Any or none of them can be true. All I know is Negaduck is a treat. So evil, it’s ridiculous. The guy uses guns and a chainsaw so you know he means business. Negaduck alone is reason enough we need a new Darkwing Duck cartoon. Hear that buzzing sound, Disney? That’s Negaduck wanting to negotiate a TV series.


I think you better greenlight it, just sayin.

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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