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Worst Generation/Best Friends (One Piece)

Go Team Skittles!

One Piece’s Whole Cake Island Arc is over. And once again, Luffy gained another kingdom ally with Germa. And, don’t kid yourself, they’re allies. I know. I know. They’re assholes who deserve to die except Sanji’s sister but its One Piece. You can be a horrible piece of shit, but as long as you see the error of your ways or you only did that crap in the past it doesn’t count.

Anyway, the Firetank Pirates—Luffy has them as allies too. Nice. But, wait! Luffy is also allied with Law and his Heart Pirates. Could there be a pattern? Yes. Not even gotta be cryptic about it. Longtime One Piece fans know the Strawhats have been cozy with kingdoms in the past. Kingdoms and gathering new Strawhat members. But, as a big contender for Pirate King, Luffy needs more than a crew. He needs powerful pirates on his side. And let’s face it, no one is joining the Strawhats after Jinbe. NO ONE. Yes, that includes Carrot. She not unique, guys. Being a female bunny character isn’t enough. Being a lookout isn’t enough. You have to be the best and nothing Carrot has done isn’t considered the best.

Pirates and bubbles, a deadly combination.

Back to pirate allies. Luffy needs them. Luffy’s going to Wano. Therefore, Luffy’s getting pirate allies at Wano. Remember that Luffy, Law, and Kidd “team-up” all the way back in Sabaody? Yep, my money’s on Kidd joining team Luffy. But, what about Scratchman Apoo and Hawkins? Will they join if they’re working for Kaido? Yep. These pirates ain’t loyal! They joined with Kaido because he’s strong, but Luffy’s strong too. I expect some fighty-fights or some backstabbing, but the end result is the same. Captains Kidd, Apoo, and Hawkings are allying with the Strawhats at the end of Wano. Besides, Luffy will need all the help he can get dealing with Kaido.

Yeah, yeah. I’m horny. Got any new material?

Think about it. How long has it been since every Strawhat fought together on the same island? It’s all hands on deck against Kaido and his crew. And that includes Jinbe. This will be a big one, kids. Luffy’s beaten the top crewmate of a Yonko. The only logical step is beating a Yonko. But, don’t be mistaken. Kaido (and his massive pecs) ain’t goin’ down easy.

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