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Wakfu Wakview: Season 3 Episode 2 – Like Father, Like Daughter

Aww! Miss Elely gonna smash your wittle face.

Episode two picks up with Elely dragging her beat up dad, Percedal, to safety. In true Iop fashion, Percedal lets his young child go off to fight a giant bear-man alone—as you do. It’s the Iop version of a child’s first errand. And surprise, Elely can kick ass! Guess it makes sense with Percedal as your dad. I don’t want to imagine fighting anything barefoot in the snow. And Evil Kevin Smith’s only wearing a speedo—one of the few times being a hipster isn’t a good idea.

Once you go Iop, you’ll never say stop.

Percedal nearly dies from last episode injuries but Rubilax saves him on the condition he’s freed. Rubilax is a total bro, whether he likes it or not. Dude, you’re not evil. Buy him a copy of Call of Duty and Smash Bros. to take his aggressions out on and he’ll be fine. Maybe make him a blog where he can complain about microtransactions and reality TV.

So, Percedal survives and Rubilax is his new arm, Elely wins her first fight against Kevin Smith, and Yugo and friends meet up with Team Iop. Several Dr. Pepper recall potions later, and it’s off to find Adamai. Is the dragon the mastermind or is someone else pulling the strings? Man, I hope not. Dick Adamai is great. Guess, we have to tune in next episode and find out.

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