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The World Needs More Twice Cosplayers (My Hero Academia 184)

It’s true, I searched. There are maybe three Twice cosplayers at max! And, yes, I get the irony of that number.

Twice’s opinion on Deadpool cosplayers.

Okay, chapter 184. Let’s begin with Eri and the surprise everyone predicted. Yes, readers, Eri is moving to U.A. I’m excited. We may get a chance to see her training to control her quirk as well as her interactions with other U.A. students. Bakugou meets Eri, yes, please! Speaking of Eri meeting people, where’s my Eri+Kota scene? Damn you, Horikoshi. You better not mess this up. I know the cuteness factor is a striking Mach 10 but it’s for the greater good.

Ragdoll, MVP of the Week

The Wild Wild Pussycats are back, including Ragdoll. I love Ragdoll so much. Losing a quirk has to be an awful experience. I’m so happy she was able to pull her life together and move forward. So brave, so strong. Make her the number one hero, not fire crouch (Remember that reference? No? F*ck you too.). Sorry, I’m a bit overexcited. All For One makes a quick sitting cameo, once again proving he’s the Pre-Infinity War Thanos of the series. Here’s a question: How the heck does he go to the bathroom? Do they stick a tube up there or maybe they wheel out a portable toilet and some poor soul has to pull down his pants and wipe after he’s done. Japan’s criminal justice system is quite the marvel.

If it comes to saving you, or the kid, or the Time Stone, I will not hesitate to let either of you die.

Finally, ranking time! Are Spider-Wood and Mt. Whiney hooking up? I hope not for Kamui’s sake. She’s so desperate to be famous I bet she’d “accidentally” release their sex tape. Well, I’m proud of Kamui Woods for reaching rank seven. So many new heroes introduced, including a team hating Mirko and Tokoyami’s intern hero, Hawks. I bet Mirko won’t be hating when Disney pulls up with a truck full of money to put her in the Avengers.

To my surprise, Endeavor is now the official number one hero. Whatever. Yeah, he’s less of an ass, but screw him. Put Ragdoll or The Crawler as number one. We don’t need you, Lindsey Lohan.

Good chapter. Hope we get more fun chapters before the next arc starts up.

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