F*ck You Ever After! (X-Men Gold #30)

X-Men Gold (2017-) 030-000
Where’s Gold Balls? Geez, he always gets snubbed.

Seriously, what the hell, comic?

‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it! Warning: Spoilers Galore!

Here I am reading X-Men Gold issue thirty, the wedding issue between Colossus and Shadowcat aka Pieter and Kitty and… and…

Manga My Hero Academia

He’s Not Dead, He’s Sleeping (My Hero Academia 188)

Ohhhhhh, boy. Someone just dropped down the hero rankings.

Didn’t see that coming, huh?

Endeavor has been injured and quite possibly lost his eye. I feel so bad for him…is what I’d say if he wasn’t a shitty person. Yes, I get it. He’s trying not to be human garbage anymore but trying and being are two different things. I hope he dies. No, wait. If he dies he can’t apologize to his family. Please live Endeavor!


Welcome Back, Anne! (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 12 #1)


There’s a season twelve?

I sure as heck didn’t know about it, don’t frequent Buffy forums anymore. But, here we are. I was afraid Buffy’s story would end with season eleven. A bold season with good parts, but overall too short and lacking a wider focus on other characters including a big bad I could give two steaks about. And don’t get me started on there needing to be another Slayerverse book featuring Robin Wood and the former season seven potential slayers AND a Billy the Vampire Slayer comic. Maybe put Andrew in one of them, give the guy something to do.

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers incoming!

Manga My Hero Academia

Visit Your Mommy, Dabi! (My Hero Academia 187)

I’m selling my story to TMZ

The Dabi=Todoroki theory is teased again. One of Shoto’s older brothers mentions Endeavors shitty treatment of Shoto, Mama Rei and one other but he decides not to talk further. No doubt he’s talking about the eldest Todoroki brother. Once again Hirokoshi is sidestepping any information regarding the first sibling. At this point is it even worth talking about this? Dabi is a Todoroki. I know it. You know it. Everyone in the fandom knows it. Let’s move on.

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Bonney’s Ancestor is Kuma? (One Piece 908)

The World Building Arc is rolling along.

I mean, come on! Miz Cracker deserves to be in the top four!

Let’s start with Jewelry Bonney, a pirate who snuck into the highest security place on the planet. Why? To save Kuma, it looks like. Why? Because he’s family? Okay, he’s family. Oda’s dropped enough breadcrumbs for us to guess that much. Bonney disguised herself as Queen Dowager, of Sorbet Kingdom. No makeup, just simply aged herself. If that’s not a big hint the real Dowager is related to Bonney, I don’t know what is. And, yeah, I assume there’s a real Dowager. Someone has to be running Sorbet and Bonney can’t do her pirate thing and rule a kingdom at the same time. Makes sense she asked her relative to say home while she went to the Reverie to try and save Kuma.

Manga My Hero Academia

Where’s Cobra Commander? (My Hero Academia 186)

Before you ask, Yes. Tetsutetsu is my son.

Hawks is a laid back mofo but he gets the job done. Nice to see Destro and the quirk liberation ideology get mentioned. Has to be a lot of angry people in the world who can’t use their quirks. The price of freedom or government suppression, you decide.

Not much else happens. Endeavor pals around with Hawks who learn they’re some League shenanigans happening all over the country. Maybe. Either someone is spreading rumors or there are nomu factories all over the place. Think there’s one across my street. Would explain my new neighbor’s exposed brain. And, here I thought he was cosplaying, every day, for two months. Oh, well, live and learn.

Manga One Piece

Shanks Snitchin’ on Blackbeard? (One Piece 907)

…but I’m a bit thirsty. Can I get a bottle of bourbon and some ice? Two bottles, if you got it.

This chapter had more meat than a male strip club. Rox? What’s that? Oda dropped some new lore on us that probably won’t be addressed for another five years at least. It sounded like Rox was an old pirate crew or alliance that had something to do with Big Mom and Kaido. Why now Oda? Why bring up the pre-Gol D. Roger era now? My guess, it has something to do with Shanks, or at least who Shanks wants to discuss with the Five Elders.

Before we get to that, can we sit in awe that Shanks, one of the four most powerful pirates on the planet, is sitting at World Government ground zero with the five people who rule over almost everything in the world? Soak it in. This is happening, folks.

Everyone still with me? Okay. How does Shank know the Five Elders? Well, the only reason that comes to mind is One Piece, the treasure, not the manga. That’d be weird. Shanks knows the truth about the world and so do the Five Elders. That must be their connection. Of course, it doesn’t explain how they first met and why they trust Shanks enough to meet with him, but I can assume is somehow/someway, the Five Elders probably met with most, if not all, of Roger’s crew to discuss One Piece and the truth about everything. Yeah, we’re getting a flashback about that one day. Maybe right before Shanks dies. Come on! You know it’s happening!

Manga My Hero Academia

Black Mist + Muscular=High End? (My Hero Academia 185)

Hawks is a jerk. The End.

"Get Hard" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Already planning to put Mirko in my next video

What else is there to say? Everyone’s having a good time at the Top 10 Hero Billboard Awards. Drake, the number one music billboard artist, was going to perform and rumors circulated they’ll have free pizza and ice cream at the afterparty. Fun!

But, here comes Hawks talking about…what the heck was he on about? Heroes need to think outside the box? They need to give better speeches? Seriously, what’s going on with Hawk? Guess I’ll chalk it up to A.D.D.

Let’s get to the juicy part. Hawks wants Endeavor to help him with some suspicious activity happening in his neck of the woods. And Hirokoshi didn’t waste time showing us it’s all legit. Shigaraki (guessing it’s him) is talking to a nomu, and it talks back! We got talking Nomu, kiddies. A talking, thinking nomu, yikes! That means the new nomu can go on missions alone. Hmm…I wonder where’s he’ll go?

Manga One Piece

Sacred Mary J. Blige (One Piece chapter 906)

If there’s one thing people love about One Piece is its world building and we’re getting a huge helping throughout the Reverie.

Vivi and Rebecca aren’t playing around

First things first, Team Luffy Allies have finally meet! Happy it was done early since we knew it was coming. Those Nami clones are taking over the world. We got Blue Name, Pink Nami, Big Nami and even Old Nami. I swear if Oda one day reveals all Nami clone are actually the result of DNA manipulation during the Void Century I’d lose my mind.