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Shanks Snitchin’ on Blackbeard? (One Piece 907)

…but I’m a bit thirsty. Can I get a bottle of bourbon and some ice? Two bottles, if you got it.

This chapter had more meat than a male strip club. Rox? What’s that? Oda dropped some new lore on us that probably won’t be addressed for another five years at least. It sounded like Rox was an old pirate crew or alliance that had something to do with Big Mom and Kaido. Why now Oda? Why bring up the pre-Gol D. Roger era now? My guess, it has something to do with Shanks, or at least who Shanks wants to discuss with the Five Elders.

Before we get to that, can we sit in awe that Shanks, one of the four most powerful pirates on the planet, is sitting at World Government ground zero with the five people who rule over almost everything in the world? Soak it in. This is happening, folks.

Everyone still with me? Okay. How does Shank know the Five Elders? Well, the only reason that comes to mind is One Piece, the treasure, not the manga. That’d be weird. Shanks knows the truth about the world and so do the Five Elders. That must be their connection. Of course, it doesn’t explain how they first met and why they trust Shanks enough to meet with him, but I can assume is somehow/someway, the Five Elders probably met with most, if not all, of Roger’s crew to discuss One Piece and the truth about everything. Yeah, we’re getting a flashback about that one day. Maybe right before Shanks dies. Come on! You know it’s happening!

But, who’s the pirate Shanks is referring to? Who else, but Blackbeard. That guy’s the most dangerous pirate in the world right now. You heard me, more than Big Mom, Kaido, and Shanks. Blackbeard has a plan and so far, it’s working. He’s been gathering power throughout the entire series, both personally and with his crew. He’s was a pirate commander, Warlord, and now an Emperor. And he did it all, for one thing, one purpose—to get One Piece. And, dear readers, Blackbeard must be close to getting it. Real close. Like, Shanks needs to talk with the Five Elders just to figure out a way to stop him close. Yes, my friends, Blackbeard’s about to win it all and that spells doom for the entire world.

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

Hell, that could be his ultimate goal, the world’s destruction. At this point, its either Blackbeard wants the world destroyed because he hates it or he wants the world destroyed so he can rule what’s left. Yep, that makes more sense only because Doflamingo already wants to watch the world burn but Blackbeard acquiring power for the sole purpose of ruling everything is way more ambitious and fits his character.

But, what did it? What’s the final tipping point that brought Blackbeard into the final stretch? I can name two:

1. He’s got copies of every or almost every red poneglyph.


2. Blackbeard is now working with remnants of Rox. They don’t have a captain, remember? Well what if Blackbeard convinced them to join him? Why not? If he’s the closest Emperor to finding One Piece they’d be fools not to.

So, there you go. Shanks may be talking to the Five Elders about Blackbeard teaming up with Nox pirates to find One Piece. Look out world, because Blackbeard’s coming. And, he’s bringing cherry pies and a chest full of booty whoopings for all. I wonder if he likes fruitcake?

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