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Where’s Cobra Commander? (My Hero Academia 186)

Before you ask, Yes. Tetsutetsu is my son.

Hawks is a laid back mofo but he gets the job done. Nice to see Destro and the quirk liberation ideology get mentioned. Has to be a lot of angry people in the world who can’t use their quirks. The price of freedom or government suppression, you decide.

Not much else happens. Endeavor pals around with Hawks who learn they’re some League shenanigans happening all over the country. Maybe. Either someone is spreading rumors or there are nomu factories all over the place. Think there’s one across my street. Would explain my new neighbor’s exposed brain. And, here I thought he was cosplaying, every day, for two months. Oh, well, live and learn.

A real American #2 hero!

High End tracks down Endeavor and Hawks which someone pointed out might be because All For One gave the nomu 2.0 Ragdoll’s search quirk. Interesting, huh? If you count him possibly having Black Mist and Muscular’s quirks that makes three at the very least. Will Endeavor survive? Yeah, I think so. He’s not dying…yet.

Good chapter. Good world building. Let’s see what Endeavor can do against his toughest opponent yet, other than hardcore fanboys.

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