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Bonney’s Ancestor is Kuma? (One Piece 908)

The World Building Arc is rolling along.

I mean, come on! Miz Cracker deserves to be in the top four!

Let’s start with Jewelry Bonney, a pirate who snuck into the highest security place on the planet. Why? To save Kuma, it looks like. Why? Because he’s family? Okay, he’s family. Oda’s dropped enough breadcrumbs for us to guess that much. Bonney disguised herself as Queen Dowager, of Sorbet Kingdom. No makeup, just simply aged herself. If that’s not a big hint the real Dowager is related to Bonney, I don’t know what is. And, yeah, I assume there’s a real Dowager. Someone has to be running Sorbet and Bonney can’t do her pirate thing and rule a kingdom at the same time. Makes sense she asked her relative to say home while she went to the Reverie to try and save Kuma.
We also get some time with the Revolutionaries. They’re all pissed to see Kuma in that sorry state but they gotta stick to the plan and wait. Speaking of which, where does Monkey D. Dragon factor in all this? He wasn’t shown this chapter or back with….*sigh* the girls in Ivankov’s kingdom. Where is Ivankov, by the way? And Inazuma too? Three well known Revolutionary members are missing. Looks like Oda’s planning on giving the three one hell of an entrance during the Reverie. No way are they missing out this arc and with Dragon’s wind/storm fruit. They can easily get there and will probably be the Revolutionaries’ ticket outta there. Good ‘ole Dragon leaving no one behind.

Imu still upest Vivi didn’t join the Strawhats at the end of the Alabasta Arc

Lastly, let’s talk about Imu, the secret King of the World. Could be a woman but it’s Oda. If Imu’s a woman she’d sprout twenty jokes about being old or something. Anyway, a “light” to erase from history? Just how old is Imu? Because I’m thinking he gave the order that resulted in the Void Century. Just look at the pictures he’s got. Luffy, the future Pirate King. Blackbeard, the guy who’ll (according to theories) set the stage for the final world war. Princess Shirahoshi who is Poseidon, an ancient weapon. Sidenote: How the hell does Imu know that? Because Shirashoshi’s picture isn’t there just because she’s pretty. And finally, we have what’s probably Imu’s choice. The one threat so big it has to be dealt with over all the others, Vivi. What the what?

Vivi knows Luffy, okay. Vivi now knows Shirahoshi, uh-huh. Her father’s Cobra and he had a secret meeting with Admiral Fujitora and King Riku, yeaaaah. Based on all that information it’s obvious… I-I got nothing. Vivi will definitely be a trigger to One Piece’s final arc but how? Maybe she’s the one who helps untie the royal Luffy fans to fight together. Maybe she discovers a secret during the Reverie that will change everything. Or, maybe Inu just doesn’t like Nami clones. Whatever the reason, I’m glad Vivi will play an even bigger part in the manga. Pell’s got his work cut out for him. He’ll probably tank two Buster Calls to the face to protect her.

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