Welcome Back, Anne! (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 12 #1)


There’s a season twelve?

I sure as heck didn’t know about it, don’t frequent Buffy forums anymore. But, here we are. I was afraid Buffy’s story would end with season eleven. A bold season with good parts, but overall too short and lacking a wider focus on other characters including a big bad I could give two steaks about. And don’t get me started on there needing to be another Slayerverse book featuring Robin Wood and the former season seven potential slayers AND a Billy the Vampire Slayer comic. Maybe put Andrew in one of them, give the guy something to do.

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers incoming!

Season 12: Buffy VS the 45 Administration

Okay, okay. Let’s talk Buffy season twelve.
We’ll get the bad out the way right now. I don’t like the one year later/off-screening of big character events. Dawn and Xander (Are they married?) having a daughter, Buffy and Spike breaking up, and Giles returned to his original age are all took place before the time skip. That’s annoying, but I’ll have to read the entire season to see if the story they’re telling is worth the giant hand wave. My other problem, the art. I wish they’d get a better artist for these books. Everyone looks so blegh! It’s a personal preference, but the art doesn’t elevate the story, it’s just there. Buffy comics should have scary looking monster and an expressive, not ink blot cast. Enough already!

What did I like? Everything else. Buffy revealing she’s thirty; Angel and Illeryia showing up; and Faith, freaking Faith, is back once again. Having the full Buffy crew plus Team Angel and Faith is a welcome sight. Harth, Flay’s vampire brother from the future is a great villain. I never read the Flay series, only the season eight story involving Buffy being sent to the future, but I love what I read. Flay was a good character, but Harth intrigued me. He was smart, calculating, and thankfully we get more of the same from him this time around. He’s here to bring about the end of Team Buffy and for all we know, he may succeed!

Aww! So cute! And the baby’s pretty too, I guess.

All of that would be enough, but we get Wolfram & Hart working with Harth and…MAYOR WILKINS. Hot damn on a piece of toast! Yeah, it’s a bit bull shit he survived (especially if The First took his form back in season seven) but I’ll give it to the writers. Sure, he didn’t stay dead when Buffy blew up Sunnydale High but he was in pieces and when he finally put himself together he wisely left town. It’s something the mayor would do. He’s no idiot. And to be honest, I love the character so much I’ve willing to ignore the explanation and relish having one of my favorite big bads back. A fantastic surprise and a perfect way to start the season off.

I love where season twelve is going, figurative and literally. We really don’t know how it’ll end and I love having everyone back and fighting together without any forced drama. And after season ten, there shouldn’t be. Conflict, yeah, fine, that’s life. But, forced drama, hell no! A great start to the series. Bravo season twelve team!

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