Manga My Hero Academia

He’s Not Dead, He’s Sleeping (My Hero Academia 188)

Ohhhhhh, boy. Someone just dropped down the hero rankings.

Didn’t see that coming, huh?

Endeavor has been injured and quite possibly lost his eye. I feel so bad for him…is what I’d say if he wasn’t a shitty person. Yes, I get it. He’s trying not to be human garbage anymore but trying and being are two different things. I hope he dies. No, wait. If he dies he can’t apologize to his family. Please live Endeavor!

So, what happens now? Well, High End is still around and currently unbeatable and dear ole Hawks is the type of guy who doesn’t want to fight strong dudes. I can see him chickening out or at least saving Endeavor then punking out. As for the hero rankings I mentioned earlier, safe to say Edge Shot will become the new number one. But, what about Hawks, you say? You really think a guy like him—a guy who wants to live the easy life—wants to be High End’s next punching bag? Hell no! He’s not accepting the number one spot, not happening. And since Best Jeanist is still on hiatus, that leaves our number four hero to pick up the slack. Good luck, Edge Shot! Hope you wrote a will.

What’s the point? She just gonna watch Endeavor lose his eye on YouTube. Will be on her recommendations list.

Finally, let’s talk about Todoroki. He’s going to, or try to, go help his father but Aizawa will stop him and escort him to the hospital post-battle. Here’s a better idea, Aizawa: Throw Eri at High End. She’ll get the job done. Eri for number one hero! I’d vote for her. Endeavor too, after he picks up a cool new eyepatch.

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