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2D News: Mario and Luigi Set to be DLC in Upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate Video Game


In wake of the hit video game Dragon Ball Fighterz announcing Base Goku and Base Vegeta as soon to be released DLC, Nintendo has revealed the twin plumbers themselves will only be available as DLC for $5.99 each.
“Hey, I said everyone’s in the game. I didn’t say how,” Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai, said while riding the teacups at Tokyo Disneyland. “But, don’t worry, Metal Mario and Mr. L [alternate versions of the famous video game brothers] will be playable for free at launch date.

When asked whether Waluigi will make his Smash Bros. debut as DLC, Sakurai threw up. The interviewer was unable to confirm whether it was due to Sakurai going on TDL rides all day or a burning hatred toward Waluigi.

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You Wano Team Up? (One Piece 912)

Luffy ain’t doing nothing with that sword except slicing the air and trying to imitate Zoro.

Roronoa Zoloft

Zoro smiled, everyone! Take a shot!
That’s right, the Straw Hat captain and first mate are back together and ready to ruin Kin’emon’s plan. You know the rules: Where Luffy goes, trouble follows. And where Luffy and Zoro goes, explosions follow. I’m guessing Kaido will discover the Straw Hats are on Wano within the next five chapters, whether or not Hawkings betrays him.

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2D News: Hirokoshi Fell in Love with America’s Soul Food


Last week marked My Hero Academia series creator, Kohei Horikoshi’s first trip to San Diego Comic-Con. During the event, Horikoshi answered questions, signed pictures, and stuffed his creative hole with all the southern fried chicken, greens, and mac & cheese he could eat.

According to sources, an employee from Viz [My Hero Academia’s official English publisher] took Horikoshi and his entourage to Nicky’s Soul Food just outside San Diego during his first night in the United States.

“I’ve never seen a human eat like that,” an anonymous Viz worker said. “He took one bite of macaroni & cheese and never stopped.” The Viz worker also mentioned despite eating almost everything on the menu, Horikoshi took at least ten containers of peach cobbler and sweet potato pie to his hotel.

Things didn’t end there. Horikoshi visited the restaurant every day during his stay and even snuck forkfuls of chitlins, greens, and anything else he could muster while signing autographs. Many fans begun posting their chicken grease, cheese splattered posters on Twitter. An enjoyable experience by all did turn awkward when Horikoshi had to be dragged kicking and screaming on a plane back to Japan, fried chicken wings falling out every pocket on his body.

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Double Agent w/ Cheese (My Hero Academia 191)

Traitor!!! No, wait…actor!!!

Forgot the dab. Do the Dabi!

I overthought what Dabi would do. Instead of dropping drama bombs he just wanted to kill heroes. Oh, well. Could Dabi had taken down Mirko? Maybe, but he still had Hawks and who knows what else coming. Retreating was the smart play. But, the way Dabi escapes is most intriguing. The same teleportation quirk All For One had was used on Dabi. That can mean only one thing: The league only needs DNA to copy quirk powers. Which also means the league can cook up as many High End nomus as they want. Uh oh! So, who is Ujiko? My guess it’s the guy behind the nomu themselves, AFO’s doctor.

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Don’t Drink the Wano! (One Piece 911)

Seeing Luffy stretchy backhand that baddie was such a casual, yet awesome use of his powers.

Charlie Murphy!

With the entire (sans Jinbe) Straw Hat Crew there and various allies coming, Oda did the smart thing and started us off with only Luffy. I love Luffy’s treatment of animals, you don’t mess with him and he won’t mess with you. We meet the mini-Vivi Clone, Otama and learn she’s waiting for Ace. Ruh-oh! Isn’t that just like a pirate to go out for cigarettes and never come back! Well, whatever Ace had going on with Otama you can bet Luffy’s picking up where he left off.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunched (My Hero Academia 190)

How to be the Symbol of Peace? Use what you know and make it your own.

Somewhere…Moonfish is having a panic attack.

There was a time Endeavor would’ve never imitated All Might. No Plus Ultra, no arm raised pose, was never going to happen. But, here we are. Endeavor did just that. So, what does that mean? I think it means Endeavor is ready to be the Symbol of Peace even if it means swallowing his pride. He did just that when asking Toshinori for advice and trying to (somewhat) patch things up with Shouto. He’s changing and surprisingly, it’s by choice!

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♪ I Wano Hold Your Fish ♪ (One Piece 910)

I get the feeling the Wano arc will be so Japanese I’ll be speaking in Nagoya dialect by the tenth chapter.

Welcome to Wano, Biatch!

Goodbye Reverie! You were fun, but Oda ain’t slowin’ down for no one, whether you Wano or not. We catch up with Luffy’s team wearing their Wano arc clothes, touching on the Reverie. We also get a title introduction for Straw Hat Luffy (not Monkey D. Luffy) because… I don’t know. Is Oda reminding us Luffy is a tough mofo before all heck breaks loose or is there an even deeper meaning?

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Hipster Hotline: Superb (comic)

Superb v1-001

We’ve had all kinds of superheroes. LGBTQ, females, males, adults, children, robots, even villains. But, what about a superhero with Down syndrome or at least one starring in his own comic? No? Then let me introduce you to Superb.

A meteor landed giving people superpowers, including Jonah AKA Cosmosis, a teenager secretly using his superpowers to help people. Uh oh! Cue the evil corporation trying to capture him because, you know the drill, superpowered people are dangerous. But Foresight wants to turn these super people into super killers, working for them, of course. In fact, maybe this was Foresight’s plan all along. What do I mean by that? Read the comic. …I’m winking right now, just letting you know.

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I Wano Go Back to the Reverie! (One Piece 909)


Where’s the Revolutionaries’ declaration? What’s will happen to Bonney? Is Vivi Im’s takedown confirmation? What about Fujitora’s anti Warlord panel in Hall H? Oh, so we’re doing that, Oda? You set up the plots and now you’re letting it simmer. Everything I mentioned can be shown at a later date, or specifically, it’s effects and consequences. Why have Im tell us when we’ll instead see soldiers gunning for Vivi? Why see what Bonney’s going to do when we can see her allying with the Revolutionaries later (Yep, I think that’s where Bonney’s character is going.).

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Anyone Else Smell Burnt Ham? (My Hero Academia 189)

Spoilers for this week’s last page

Should I be subtle? Maybe, I should wait? Nah! I’ll say it now. I’m glad Endeavor is protecting people, but he’s still a crappy human being. That’s right, people are complicated and sometimes that includes our fictional heroes.

Going to miss you, High End. You almost won, but the power of team-ups can’t be denied. I’m sure others noticed that too and hero teams on a whole will increase. Sure, High End could escape, but that will send the public over the edge, not that it’ll take much anymore. Nope. Endeavor’s going out like a hero and you can’t be a hero in a superhero story unless you beat the villain. …Yeah, you can, but this is My Hero Academia. This ain’t a Neil Gaiman comic.