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Anyone Else Smell Burnt Ham? (My Hero Academia 189)

Spoilers for this week’s last page

Should I be subtle? Maybe, I should wait? Nah! I’ll say it now. I’m glad Endeavor is protecting people, but he’s still a crappy human being. That’s right, people are complicated and sometimes that includes our fictional heroes.

Going to miss you, High End. You almost won, but the power of team-ups can’t be denied. I’m sure others noticed that too and hero teams on a whole will increase. Sure, High End could escape, but that will send the public over the edge, not that it’ll take much anymore. Nope. Endeavor’s going out like a hero and you can’t be a hero in a superhero story unless you beat the villain. …Yeah, you can, but this is My Hero Academia. This ain’t a Neil Gaiman comic.

Hello, Endeavor’s one and only fan

The fallout will be interesting. Even winning, the public won’t relax. Not once everyone learns High End is a nomu, a creature that can be recreated. Sure, the heroes won but what if the Villain Alliance cranks out five at once? Ten? Whoever’s making the nomu just shot up to public enemy number one. Watch your back, doc.

Good chapter. Hirokoshi still needs to work on his fight scenes but I can’t wait for the next chapter in a couple weeks. Take a break, Hirokoshi. You’ve earned it.

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