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I Wano Go Back to the Reverie! (One Piece 909)


Where’s the Revolutionaries’ declaration? What’s will happen to Bonney? Is Vivi Im’s takedown confirmation? What about Fujitora’s anti Warlord panel in Hall H? Oh, so we’re doing that, Oda? You set up the plots and now you’re letting it simmer. Everything I mentioned can be shown at a later date, or specifically, it’s effects and consequences. Why have Im tell us when we’ll instead see soldiers gunning for Vivi? Why see what Bonney’s going to do when we can see her allying with the Revolutionaries later (Yep, I think that’s where Bonney’s character is going.).

Heal the elderly and kill the kid. Free healthcare isn’t perfect.

We got the meal, now we wait for the after-dinner arguments to happen. See you after Wano, Reverie stuff! Got some info courtesy of Marco. Hope Weevil doesn’t stomp him but it’s not looking good. And ‘ole Blackbeard with his double devil fruits seems unstoppable. And he still hasn’t gotten Kaido’s devil fruit yet. Yeesh! Come on, you know he’ll get the strongest Zoan fruit and that has to be Kaido. What’s Marco’s message to Luffy? Probably something about Blackbeard. A tasty tidbit he learned that’ll help our protagonist until Blackbeard gets his Zoan upgrade. Whoops!

Is Robin a hooker? No, excuse me. I meant escort.

After fifty-thousand years, it’s Wano! It’s One Piece Japan, no surprise there. That comes from  Team Zoro being undercover until the perfect time the strike. Naturally, with Luffy not there yet, Zoro’s the official screw-up, taking down a corrupt official with a small handleless knife. Remind you of a certain Warlord during the Baratie arc? Oda’s wasting no time showing us this will be Zoro’s arc. Not saying he’s the one taking down Kaido, but the swordman’s fights are mostly lackluster post time skip. He’s too powerful. He’s closely on par with Luffy so his second banana opponents aren’t at his level. Well, not this arc. If there’s one arch we’ll see Zoro have the swordfight of his life it’s in Wano. Calling it now, the best, I repeat, THE BEST swordsman in Wano (a country full of swordsmen) will be Zoro’s opponent. Period. Exclamation point.

Can’t wait to be proven right in… let’s say two years, one month and roughly four days. Give or take a few hours.

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