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Hipster Hotline: Superb (comic)

Superb v1-001

We’ve had all kinds of superheroes. LGBTQ, females, males, adults, children, robots, even villains. But, what about a superhero with Down syndrome or at least one starring in his own comic? No? Then let me introduce you to Superb.

A meteor landed giving people superpowers, including Jonah AKA Cosmosis, a teenager secretly using his superpowers to help people. Uh oh! Cue the evil corporation trying to capture him because, you know the drill, superpowered people are dangerous. But Foresight wants to turn these super people into super killers, working for them, of course. In fact, maybe this was Foresight’s plan all along. What do I mean by that? Read the comic. …I’m winking right now, just letting you know.

Superb v1-007
Armed soldiers guarding a school. Excessive or just Texas?

But Jonah’s not alone, he’s got Kayla, his former best friend dragged into the adventure. In the seven issues I’ve read, she’s not keen on the superhero thing but longtime comic readers know, sometimes you don’t get a choice.

I love the way they depict Jonah and Kayla. They feel like real people. Jonah’s desire to help people and his friendship with Kayla keeps me coming back for more. What I don’t like? Foresight. Imagine an evil corporation, any evil corporation. That’s Foresight. The guy in charge is a total by-the-books bad guy. The villains feel like they’re there because you need bad guys. But, there is one baddie I like but I can’t spoil it.

Superb v1-021
If only I could do this at family reunions.

Superb is good. Not the most original plot on the planet but stories don’t need to be as long as its enjoyable. And Superb is indeed that. I’m sticking with this one and hope others will give it a chance too.

By Redgeek

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